Be ready to get disappointed; believe in yourself; keep getting up when down

zyego is an emotional wellness management service for individuals and organizations

Please introduce yourself and your startup zyego to our readers!
zyego is an emotional wellness management service for individuals and organizations. We are a preventive system which helps root out emotional and psychological issues at inception and prevents them from becoming serious disorders in future. For easy access to our counsellors, we have a mobile app which works like whatsapp using which users can connect via call or chat from anywhere in India. We undertake online psychometric tests which help is assessing personality traits of an individual and combined with counselling can provide valuable insights into the development of an individual. Workshops further spread awareness of the underlying issues in colleges and corporates and are an integral part of the overall service package.

How did you get the idea to zyego?
My interest and motivation to start this service is based on personal experience with my immediate family and based on interaction with professionals in this domain for more than two decades. I wanted to create a simple and reliable support system for individuals to access help when they needed the same. I modelled the app on the functionality of Whatsapp with its talk and chat functions.

It took me about a year to work out the whole business plan and roll it out as a product

How difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome?
Converting the concept into a viable product, constantly re-adjusting the product, getting the right people, building a business around it with cash flows, sustaining it for over two years with own funds, keeping it funded, retaining people are some of the constant challenges we encounter. Also since mental health is a difficult area in itself,it takes time for product adoption and a sustainable business model to be built in a short time.

One has to constantly keep tweaking the business model, tweaking it, fine-tuning it to cater to customer requirements and changing market dynamics.

Who is your target audience?
Students, children, parents, senior citizens etc

What is the USP of your startup?
Easy access to professional help without the stigma attached to seeking help for mental and psychological issues

Can you describe a typical workday of you?
I am in office by 9am, read the newspaper and catch up on emails. The app starts at 10am sharp so by 945 we have to ensure that all systems are working fine and all counsellors are at their workstations to take sessions. Once the systems are stable I get on with the rest of the day taking to clients, fixing appointments for meetings, meeting counsellors for interviews etc.By noon I am normally out of office meeting various people for the app, technical guys for improving our products, financers and others.

I am normally back in office by about 4pm and then we start work of workshops and training sessions at schools, colleges and corporates. At about 7pm take a break and spend some time with family. By 10pm again back in office to catch up on paperwork, accounting etc. Go to be by about 1130-12am. I am up at 5am, work till 7am, go for a run then back get ready and in office by 9am. This is my routine almost all 7 days of the week

Where do you see yourself and your startup zyego in five years?
We hope tho expand our service across various schools and colleges and universities across the country as a stress and emotional wellness helpline service in next two years. We will then expand to corporates and other institutions as well in time.

What 3 tips would you give other Start-up founders on the way
Find a client who is willing to pay for a need even before you even develop a working product
Keep costs low and the funding plan in place very early; self, friends, relatives etc.
Be ready to get disappointed; believe in yourself; keep getting up when down

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