Friday, July 1, 2022

Yoga on the Go. Yoga meets Tech at yoganect’s first own Demo Day

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After eighteen-months of hard work and dedication, it was finally time to launch our first Demo Day held on Thursday, July 5th in Hamburg, Germany.

Since we first wanted to focus on introducing ourselves to potential investors, it was a private, invitation-only event in the run-up to our second round of financing. The event was fully booked in advance with 15 attendees, who were a mix of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and business angels. The event took place in Club Charles in a co-working space Places, located in the heart of Hamburg.

Yoga Demo Day
Presenter: Ava Taylor, founder of YAMA Talent

We kicked things off with an insightful presentation by Ava Taylor, a founder of YAMA Talent which has independent market insights and statistics.
We followed this with our presentation on yoganect’s SaaS Solution — which means Yoga on the Go. In other words, it’s the solution that makes yoga mobile and convenient for class and event-goers.

Yoga Demo Day
Networking. Credit: Florian Gobetz

During the relaxed networking after presentations we had time for follow-up questions and conversations. We also got great feedback on our idea & business model proving that ‘we are on the right track’. A big thank you to all the attendees, support and feedback.


Yoga Demo Day
Networking. Credit: Florian Gobetz

Yoga unites over 300 million practitioners generating over $85 billion USD in revenue. There’s no question it is an attractive industry. Companies like Uber,, and DeliveryHero make customers comfortable — we bring them calm.

The founder team is dedicated to growing yoganect to a scalable business. We are working intensively to launch our beta version this year. With 300 business partners and over 100K social followers waiting for our launch, going live will be a great milestone for yoganect.

Interested investors are welcome to get more details on the current financing round by contacting our founder team or via email:

A great thank you to Florian Gobetz for accompanying our event with great photographs.

Enura Esen, Founder and CEO of yoganect. yoganect is an online community marketplace for yogis & yoga businesses to stay connected, book & offer events and access to all things yoga.

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