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YADA: The app will make organising awesome events simple

Please introduce yourself and your startup YADA to our readers!
My name is Mehram Sumray-Roots and I am the Co-Founder and Product Director of YADA. YADA is a collaborative platform that saves event organisers time and money as it offers a one-stop solution that covers everything from ticketing and promotion through to post-event marketing and data capture.

The YADA App is available on both mobile and web apps, is fully customisable, self-service, green and flexible which means that it can be used for every live or life event. We believe that we are changing the event tech industry by inventing social engagement tools designed to power awesome events, capturing real-time data that brings our clients value long after the event is over, wherever and whenever they need it.

We’re an events app that focuses on social and emotional engagement in the event tech industry. Our app bridges the gap between event attendees and organisers. Those in the event tech space now have a collaborative platform that offers a one-stop solution that covers everything from ticketing and promotion through to post event marketing and data capture.

How did you get the idea to YADA?
The idea came from a family wedding where there were disposable cameras on every table which were placed there to allow the guests to capture every moment from their perspective and then share the not so professional pictures with the bride and groom. Unfortunately, by the end of the evening, the majority of the cameras has been thrown away or damaged which meant that the money and the memories had gone to waste. Over the next few weeks, the bride and groom has to rely on uploads to social media or ask their guests for their smartphone pictures.

That is where the idea for YADA came about, a platform that was available on all smartphone devices that allowed guests to share their photos and videos in real-time.

How difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome?
The biggest challenge is having the patience to persevere. You hear all these stories about startups that materialise out of thin air overnight and then raise billions of pounds but things aren’t always as they seem. If you have the mindset that having your own business requires a lot of hard work and a thick skin, then it will eventually happen. I am still not a very patient person but this journey has taught me a lot.

Who is your target audience?
YADA’s event app, due to launch on the app store at the end of 2017, will power the world’s most memorable and measurable events. YADA will change the way the event industry works, putting the human back into event tech. The app will make organising awesome events simple, capturing real-time data and measuring event attendee feelings, not just footfall, bringing value to event organisers before, during and after their events.

What is the USP of your startup?
YADA powers your event and brings it to life. YADA is the first app that creates moments you can measure. We are the only app putting the human back into event tech, allowing feelings, not just footfall.

Can you describe a typical workday?
It’s a real cliche – but their just isn’t one. As product director a lot of my time is spent ensuring that our app is amazing (which it will be when we launch later this year). So that means much of my focus is with designers and developers, so it’s a mix of project management and creative direction. The every other evening I’m out participating in the many events we power for our clients, from fashions shows to gigs and freshers events. I’m so lucky to love what I do, and have a good time doing it.

Where do you see yourself and your startup YADA in five years?
We have a 5 stage roadmap that includes social and corporate events, arenas, Higher Education and eventually AR/VR. We have only just started our journey and are really excited to see where the road takes us. I am not quite ready to leave it behind just yet!

What 3 tips would you give other Start-up founders on the way?
1. Surround yourself with great people, I’m so proud of the team we’ve built, all of whom compliment each other. You’ve got to have the right people on board the bus.
2. Believe in your product. Selling or building something you don’t believe will not work.
3. Persevere. Things will not run to budget and everything will take longer than you think. It’s about staying the course and making it happen. That’s the job.

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