WeissBeerger is the leading IoT and Big Data Company

WeissBeerger: We developed a real-time beverage consumption monitoring system

Please introduce yourself and your Start-up WeissBeerger to our readers!
Hi,My name is Ori Fingerer, VP Business Development and Co-founder at WeissBeerger.
WeissBeerger is the leading IoT and Big Data Company for the beverage industry, our team consists of data analysts, data scientists, beverage industry experts, programmers, software & hardware developers, engineers and more.
Here’s a video that describes best what we do:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HF10UYCNehw
Due to the amount of data that is processed in our systems, in some markets we use the SAP-Hana platform which is an in-memory database, that helps process large amounts of data a lot faster!

How did the idea to developed to WeissBeerger?
We had a much simpler product within the beer space and we identified that there is a HUGE need for data in this industry as it is still operating in conservative methodologies and not getting accurate info and insights that can help them make educated decisions regarding:
Sales promotions, beer quality, asset management, supply chain management etc.
That’s why we decided to shift and develop a solution that can help the breweries work in a more efficient way.

From the idea to the start what was the biggest challenges and how did you finance your startup?
1. The biggest challenge was to convince +100 year old breweries that are generating revenues of billions of dollars per year that our solution and the new era of IoT and Big Data can impact their business significantly.
2. We raised funds from global angels, VC’s and family offices.

Ori Fingere
Ori Fingere

Who is the target audience of your product?
Mid-large size breweries.
We are now working in +15 countries, across Europe, North&South America and Asia, with the majority of the world’s leading breweries.
All those familiar brands you like to drink are our customers ; )

How to use the product?
We connect flow meter sensors to beer lines and monitor the consumption in real-time. Through super complex algorithms we developed, we slice and dice the data into amazing insights for the breweries and present it on a live web dashboard and also help individual bars through a mobile app we developed for them.
The breweries and bars can access the dashboard (for breweries) and mobile app (for bars) and view the data at anytime from anywhere and understand exactly what’s going on in the market and what actions they should take in order to improve and grow their business.

What`s the USP of your Start-up?
There is no other solution similar to ours. We are the only platform that was developed in order to meet the needs of the beverage manufacturers.

A typical workday of Ori Fingerer?
Starts at 8:00am at the office-talks with current customers, potential customers, investors, company meetings etc. Goes back home at about 7:00pm to put the kid to bed and spend some quality time with my wife. Continues to work from home or after work meetings from 8:30-11:00pm and and goes to sleep.
Travels abroad at least once a month for 3-5 days.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
We are constantly growing as a company and expand our customer base. If we’d continue to do things according to plans, we will be a MUST HAVE tool for every brewery and bar in the world! And not just the leading ones as we do now.

What tips would you give other Start-up founders on the way?
Never get NO for an answer, keep on focusing on your end goal, be open to feedback, build a strong team and don’t compromise while hiring or choosing your investors. Persistence and creativity are the 2 most important traits in the start-up “game”.

Thank you Ori Fingerer for the Interview

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