A start-up revolutionizes flatmate search

WeeGee! helps students to find a flat share with a simple swipe. A the matching of flat mates and flat share. After a first market test in North Rhine-Westphalia, the matching-app will now be gradually launched in the rest of Germany.

Niklas Meijerink, one oft the three WeeGee! founders, received exactly 143 mails when he was looking for a new flat mate because the former had to leave the apartment. After selecting ten fitting candidates, they invited five for an interview. What did these interviews reveal? Different characters, a lot of disillusionment, a new flat mate – and the idea of WeeGee!.

Daniel Timmermann, marketing expert, and Matthäus Schmedding, software architect, complete the founding team.

The idea is simple: The recommendation algorithm brings the users into contact with fitting flat shares or flat mates. With a simple swipe, the candidates can decide whether the other person is matching or not. Only if both people show interest to each other, they can get in contact. Thus the WeeGee! users can quickly get an impression oft the flat mate or flat share, so they can filter the profiles and only get in touch with matching offers.

WeeGee! enables users to save time and makes the flat share and flat mate search more entertaining.

After a market test in the Ruhr Area and in Münster, WeeGee! has been updated and will be available throughout Germany over the coming months.

Current step: Berlin, the biggest student city, and Gießen, the city with the highest ratio of students.

Free and available for iOS and Android devices.

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Source: WeeGee UG

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