Do not hunt for money, but for your individual fulfillment

triper – the social movement network for traveler

Please introduce yourself and your startup triper to our readers!
triper – that is the social movement network of private contacts connecting traveler with residents of their chosen destinations anywhere and worldwide. triper is the attitude and wish to explore different countries and cultures as well as to re-connect with people at any destinations in real life.

My name is Dirk Bierschwale, systemic coach and former tour operator at the westcoast of the US. I have the idea and intention to make any trip special for a traveler and at the same time to activate the latent hospitality, where people become a host easily and just sharing some quality time with (inter-)national traveler.

How did you get the idea to triper?
In 2014 as a former tour operator and guide for small groups of german tourists I had to setup some extras on our trips spontaneously.One time it was to meetup some tourists with my personal relatives. So the tourists were invited to have an BBQ at my cousins place for example. Beside the excellent tour all tourists were still remembering those special occasion. Even some of them are still in contact with “Hardy”, my cousin. It took me a few more years to recognize this as an idea for a startup – the idea of triper was born actually in the end of 2014.

How difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome?
From vision to launch our first website it took us about 2,5 years. First of all we (a very good friend in PR/Marketing and me) were planning plan A and B. Plan A was to find an investor, who invests in triper from the very first minute to the first 2 years, just on the paperwork of triper. We were thinking very “big” and to make triper a brand, which costs a fortune. The amount of money regular people like us just wont have in the pocket.

And we were very very close to make up a deal with an investor, but…….now we are on plan B. triper is absolutely „bootstrapped“ by very good people, who are convinced by the idea in general. We have had our launch of our website with first features in mid November 2017, just a few weeks ago. We are gaining user everyday, who wants re-connect to people and to benefit from it.

Who is your target audience?
We are focused on traveler from age 29 to 65+ (single, couple, family and small groups), but triper is for everyone, who is open minded and interested in mutual exchange of views and sights.

What is the USP of your startup?
We don´t sell anything, but a story and an attitude.

In different to AirBnB or other website like Couchsurfing we ostracize any intimacy like overnights with foreigner. Our service is to connect people, who wants to share a few hours of quality time on their daily life. Whatever happens and turns out its up to the host and traveler.

triper is the place, where foreigner could become friends. At least a remarkable memory of that trip.

Can you describe a typical workday of you?
Actually we can not live on triper yet, we (Jan Flessau – developer, Axel Mittig – legal affairs 2 well known experts on marketing and me) work on triper almost everyday step for step.

Beside of my regular job as a tourguide in Hamburg I compete for user and investors by being on several pitches and do all the networking events. The other are doing their job. By the way thank you to all participants of triper – without them nothing would be accomplished yet.

Where do you see yourself and your startup triper in five years?
Either triper has failed within the next 2 years or this network is exploding to the sky – nothing in between! …..and that is what life makes so great.

What 3 tips would you give other Start-up founders on the way?
My tips are based on my experiences:

• Be patienced and believe in what you do.
• You can never fail. You just only make up your mind and then re-start.
• Do not hunt for money, but for your individual fulfillment.
• Do not base your whole idea just on business economics and their rules. Most of it is outaged and just theory. Listen to your guts and work with heartblood.

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Thank you Dirk Bierschwale for the Interview

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