Before you start anything, make sure that you are in love with the idea

Triality is a collaborative platform which brings all industry players together

Please introduce yourself and your startup Triality Productions to our readers!

Hello, I am Luc JG Bégin, Founder & President of Triality Productions. I am young enough to still believe in fairy tales but too old, not to know, that they can happen only if you “Do Your Job”.

That is why, about three years ago, I went out into the world to start building the largest international collaborative network inside the audio-visual industry.

I knew people would think I was crazy but I also knew the strength of my resolve.

Today, Triality Productions is present in eleven (11) countries through fourteen (14) cities and it includes seventy (70) screenwriters, more than a hundred (100) cinematographer and local producers for each city.

We have started to build the second network called the IPN (International Production Network) in Italy, as of March last year, and we brought it to the international side in September. This network will be made of all the necessary co-producers from the audio-visual industry (production companies, post-production, studios, etc.) as well as financiers and brands, something unique to Triality. It is meant to produce the Triality content written by our screenwriters.

How did you get the idea of Triality Productions?

At the start, my idea was to build some kind of Airbnb of the audio-visual industry.

I knew I wanted to get into the creation of fiction (films and series) and that is why I based it on screenwriters. As they came inside Triality they chose a synopsis from our database to work on and today we have more than thirty (30) projects at various stages of writing from Treatment to pre-production.

I guess the core idea which remained in time was the collaborative side of the business. 

Why did you decide to start with Triality Productions?

Sometimes life makes choices for you and sometimes you tell life: Enough ; that is where I am going. In University I studied cinema and, after more than fifteen (15) years in the promotional industry, I decided it was time for me to go back to what I loved: writing.

I guess you could say age was the main factor that brought me to start Triality. It was time for me to either do it or forget about it. So I did it…

What is the vision behind Triality Productions?

The vision is to become a key player in the international audio-visual industry by grouping companies around the world to co-produce the Triality content written by our screenwriters. 

By co-producing in a collaborative way, we bring projects to life more easily and efficiently.

How difficult was the start and which challenges you had to overcome?

Until you have a name, you are no one in this industry. When I wrote my first series called “Désordre” and sent it to production companies in France, they would tell me: “Yeah, it’s good… but who are you?” That is what really decided me to start Triality.

And so I went around the world to build myself and my company a name and soon enough, I could get meetings with pretty much anyone I wanted to. I wasn’t any better at what I did, but I looked the part… That was definitely one of the major hurdles I had to face.

Who is your target audience?

Being in the audio-visual creation, it is a trick question! People may think that our target audience has something to do with whom we are creating our movies / series for.

But our market is made of all the different companies that are needed to produce and distribute audio-visual content. It is also made of branding agencies and brands which we work closely with to develop new types of branded entertainment.

What is the USP of your startup?

The most obvious one is the collaborative identity of the network. No one has ever created such a type of network in our industry.

But I don’t think we can leave the second USP out of the answer which is: We have included the brands inside our network to involve them more closely into production while at the same time making them understand how, once we have the information form them, they need to trust us and let us do our job.

Every year all the people inside this network will bring its knowledge to the table at a physical meeting to prepare the following year. 

If you put these elements together, you definitely have a clear view of our USP.

Can you describe your typical workday?

My days are quite diverse depending on the urgencies to solve. But they generally involved: 

  • Finding new partners to co-produce one of our series / films (which I do by e-mails, Skype and phone) internationally.
  • Talk with the Management Team to discuss daily, weekly and monthly objectives.
  • Skype with writers and our International Head Writer Simon Warne at key moments of the development of the scripts.
  • Plan through the use of what we call “The Foundation” at least six months in advance and keep updated.
  • Prepare the next physical meetings with brands, production companies and other co-producers in the next city(ies) I am scheduled to go to.

Where do you see yourself and your startup Triality Productions in five years?

In five (5) years, Triality will have become one of the largest production network in the world. Why? Because of its collaborative nature and the fact that each project will be financed and produced through various groups of companies from our IPN and not just one (like the studios).

It is to achieve this goal that Triality has recently launched its first-ever fundraising. In 2020, the company will develop its IPN and strengthen its position in each and every one of the eleven (11) countries it is already settled in.

We will also have established ourselves as the Specialist in Entertainment Branding via our unique programs offered to brands as well as our unique concepts that we are developing in collaboration with branding agencies around the world.

What 3 tips would you give to founders?

Before you start anything, make sure that you are in love with the idea and that you feel strongly enough that, if you could, you would marry it.

Understand that whatever you do and whoever you bring into your adventure, you’ll be responsible for. I personally made sure of that by having it tattooed on my back (optional of course…).

It’s awfully lonely at the top so, hopefully, you have someone that can be around and understand you. 

More information you will find here

Thank you Luc JG Bégin for the Interview

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