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Traseno is a digital marketing solutions startup based in Hamburg

Please introduce yourself and your startup Traseno to our readers!
Answer: I’m Haseeb Ashfaq, an IT specialist with an academic background in Computer Sciences. I live and work in Hamburg, Germany. Before that, I was working in Bamberg, Germany for almost a year. I have worked for many international companies and projects like for Intel and National Geographic. And I have a great professional experience of more than 6 years in Tech industry. I have worked as a web developer, project manager, technology consultant in different companies, and learned different horizons of our industry. All the challenges, milestones, ups & downs, made me who I am today.

About Traseno: Traseno is a digital marketing solutions startup based in Hamburg, focusing more on web app and mobile app development. We are less than a year old company. Our solutions including Web Designing & Development, Mobile Apps Development, E-Commerce Platforms Development, Digital Marketing. We have 3 co-founders, an in-house team, as well as a large network of offshore developers who are available whenever we need them.

We provide our solutions efficiently considering the factor of cost-efficiency as well.

How did you get the idea to Traseno?
Answer: As I mentioned, I have been working in tech industry for more than 6 years. So when you are working for different companies and have passion for what you are doing, you always get an idea to start your own company, every other tech guy had, has, and will have, no matter if he/she will be able to do it or not. So, I had the same idea/dream to launch my own company and provide the services in a more professional and client-friendly manner. I met with my other 2 co-founders and discussed this idea, and they really liked it, so we got started!

We had different solutions in mind when we were starting, we proceeded with the ones which are feasible to start, and now we are working to add more solutions which will be the game changer in the tech industry.

How difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome?
Answer: Nothing is difficult when your aims & dreams are higher & strong. Yes we faced some difficulties like registering the company, adding the features which not everyone is doing (we are still working on that). Developing the team, developing a huge offshore network, developing new clients.

We never lost hope, even if we fail or delay, we kept doing it, and we are still doing it to grow.

Who is your target audience?
Answer: Right now, startups, SMEs. No matter of which industry they belong to.

What is the USP of your startup?
Answer: I would say the quality and the time management factor together. You might have seen some really good quality work from some big companies, but they usually take a lot of time for planning & developing. On the other hand, you might have seen some really fast-working companies, but their quality is always questionable. So, our aim is to provide the best quality in the least amount of time. That is why we are in contract with more than half a dozen offshore companies.

We don’t believe in pipelines, we believe that every company, no matter if they come first or their budget is high or low, deserve the same treatment, so we keep adding resources to our team to provide the best possible quality products in the shortest time span. Also, we also have an option to pay for in instalments.

This way, even smaller startups (which have less budget) can also avail great products saving their precious time.

Can you describe a typical workday of you?
Answer: Well, at the moment we are growing and working really hard to get more and more clients on board. We want to become the industry leaders in tech in Europe. So my other 2 co-founders are working on the leads, meetings, deliveries. And I focus more on the technical perspective and project management. We start our day with having breakfast together, then we have our daily standup meeting where we discuss the challenges and solutions. Then we get back to work. Around 1pm we go for lunch (either in office or outside if weather allows).

After an hour break, at 2pm, we start working again. We keep taking more and more coffee breaks to keep our mind running. Around 6pm (sometimes even later), we leave office and live our regular social life.

Where do you see yourself and your startup Traseno in five years?
Answer: As I mentioned, we want to become the industry leaders in Europe, I would see myself along with my company reaching that dream in 5 years. We are working on a great and huge new service for the startups which are in development phases to enter the market with a bang! We cannot reveal the details at the moment, but I strongly believe that it will take us to our dream.

What 3 tips you give other Start-up founders on the way?
Answer: The first one and the most important one which helped me a lot is to ‘Work smarter instead of work harder’. I hope you all know the meaning of that. Secondly, don’t lose hope, if you succeed on the very first try, it’s purely your luck but if you fail, that is pretty normal, and this is a signal for you that you are definitely come back stronger than ever.

Last but not least, you need to have proper and relevant resources (work smarter, think deep, analyse the difference between risk & smartness). I would also want to give some personal tips to the co-founders. Keep your expectations to the lowest level, keep your dreams to the highest level. Be a problem solver, trust in yourself.

No one will come to solve your problems, you are on your own!

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Thank you Haseeb Ashfaq for the Interview

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