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Teacherix platform for teachers who want to work abroad for a while

Please introduce yourself and your startup Teacherix to our readers!

Founder Shan S. Haider spent over five years teaching ESL (English as second language) around the world before embarking on a business of recruiting teachers for international school globally. is an educator recruitment platform that finds potential teaching jobs for educators desiring to work abroad for a year, two years or longer. Teacherix, by leveraging its relationships with international K-12 schools globally makes the search easier for any teacher looking for a job. 

How did you get the idea of Teacherix?

 During my teaching years, I was always approached by school director/principal to help them find foreign educators that were capable of teaching either English or subjects in English. After doing a little research, I soon realized that the need for language and subject teachers are increasing because of huge demand and UNESCO estimates that by 2030 70 million additonal teachers would be needed

Why did you decide to start with Teacherix?

There is business aspect along with social impact. We always put people before profits. I was always helping students acheive profieciency in English/other languages and thought even if I worked for 24 hours in a day, I’d still be able to help a handful students. By establishing a smart platform I have multiplied my efforts all around the world and can help hundreds of schools find qualified educators in same 24 hours.  

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What is the vision behind Teacherix?

To be the best platform for connecting schools, teachers and students.  

How difficult was the start and which challenges you had to overcome?

An idea is dime a dozen! Everyone has great ideas on daily basis. Following through with an idea is not for everyone. If you’re planning to start your business or planning to quit your job to start your own company to enjoy more wealth, family time, and travel around the world in first class then you better stay in your paying job and for your own sake never ever start a business! Starting a business takes a toll on your family life, your social circle and breaks your bank! 

Who is your target audience?

Experienced teachers, fresh graduates that feel they have what it takes to work around the world, experiencing new cultures, meeting people and saving some money as most teachers enjoy tax-free income.  

What is the USP of your startup?

For a minimul refundable fee we guarnatee a job offer within 120 days at a desired location with meeting teacher’s requested teaching subject and salary range! We’re woking on AI and Cognitive analytics to power our platform to match a teacher with destination suitable considering over 120 suitablity factors. 

Can you describe your typical workday ?

Again, there is no such thing as a typical day. I work day, night and weekends!  

Where do you see yourself and your startup Teacherix in five years?

To be one of the top players in the education recruitment platform and hope to close between 50,000 to 75,000 position annually.  In education industry, this is a huge achievement 

What 3 tips would you give to founders?

You can weather any storm, you can face product/service adjustments, you can deal with business running out of cash, you can manage team members quitting but you CANNOT stay in business if you give up!  Never ever give up on your dreams!

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Thank you Shan S. Haider for the Interview

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