Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Invest in networking

Her impact - one-stop shop for women's career development a web app that helps women learn, inspire and succeed in their career paths.

Be patient and dream big

ALISIA ENCO fashion brand for all the women in the business world who want to feel inspired by clothes that define their personality and boost their confidence

Don t be to hard for yourself we are all human

The WOW dinner aiming to provide opportunities, contacts and a large, reliable and worldwide network for women in tech and marketing

Invest in yourself!

Nemes Ventures, helps women understand, use and work with Artificial Intelligence through Education, Community and Talent platforms

Never give up, succeeding is about letting go of your ego

Teenah Social Manufacturing: Our mission is to sustainable produce high quality affordable basics that can be customized with print, while create sustainable perspectives for refugee women of all ages through education and work in the Middle East.

Move fast. Speed is the key to start-up success

GirlCrew is a platform for women to make new friends Please introduce yourself and your startup GirlCrew to our readers! Hi there! I am Pamela, the...

Building your network is vital, and don’t just think about what people can do for you

GirlCrew is an online social network for women. Whether you are looking for tips on the hottest brunch spots, hiking trails, or the best mechanics we’ve got you covered.

To achieve something big in your life, you need to have a certain kind of craziness in you

At Losha we offer maximum assortment of sizes, styles and colors, and has emerged as the biggest innerwear Destination in Pakistan.

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