Saturday, January 22, 2022
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Start with a great “why”. Why do you want to do that?

Yoav Barel: Chatbot Summits and community events. We are building a core team to take Chatbot Summit to the next level.

Erika Krizsan: Live your dream and believe in your success!

Erika Krizsan Founder of INSURANCE FACTORY in interview about the MOI – THE MAGIC OF INNOVATION Event in Vienna Please introduce yourself to our readers! Please tell...

BigBooster calls for applicants to join the Season 3!

Through the wide variety of sectors and origins of the startups taking part in the adventure, BigBooster choose to make the best of the differences in order to progress together.

Launch of second 100-day programme of STARTUP AUTOBAHN

The innovation and cooperation platform between established companies and startups – STARTUP AUTOBAHN – has now selected a record number of 28 companies for the second round.

Ten new start-ups develop the restaurant of the future

Above and beyond this, METRO will support the start-ups with its infrastructure, network and know-how throughout this period.

Define your “Why?” and far beyond the product, the platform, the service

BigBooster International startups Acceleration program Please introduce yourself to our readers! I am Anne-Marie Graffin and I have the great pleasure to lead the BigBooster International...

Daimler holds first Hackathon in China

Daimler China Hackathon brings innovative concepts into the interplay between online retail, customers and mobility solutions Daimler held its first China Hackathon in Beijing on...

Don’t be afraid to take risks

Kai Saksela, CEO at Noiseless Acoustics in the StartupValley FounderTalk Please introduce yourself and your Start-up to our readers! I am Kai Saksela, CEO at Noiseless Acoustics....

Turn setbacks into opportunities

Clarity is a PR agency dedicated to raising the profile and driving the growth of exciting startups and tech companies all over the world.

METRO GROUP invests in Shore

METRO GROUP acquires a stake in the Munich-based start-up Shore, a market leader in web-based business solutions for local service providers in Europe.

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