Sunday, September 25, 2022
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5th anniversary of STARTUP AUTOBAHN

Innovation is the future. And the future is written by STARTUP AUTOBAHN, the innovation platform for mobility startups: Exactly five years ago

Be persistent, eventually a door will open

NGT3 is an Israeli VC focused exclusively on early‐stage life-science technologies, located in Nazareth, Israel’s largest Arab city in Israel.

Always act with sincerity

Connectd, a platform that connects startups with investors and advisors to build a community that can release pent-up demand from angel investors, empower entrepreneurs from all walks of life and provide business mentors with a more fulfilling role.

The Five Pillars of Solid Startups

The Five Pillars of Solid Startups. Consider the following five aspects of startup success and you'll be ready to go when day one finally arrives.

How start-ups can stay agile

How start-ups can stay agile - Digital business agility and agile leadership. Startups are born agile. But agility decreases as the organization grows.

Don’t be afraid of personal branding

blazon social media management agency, solely and exclusively aimed at championing startups across the globe from all different sectors

Financing Your Startup Through Investment

In a recent interview with Pathfinder CEO Alexander Kvamme, it was stated that recruiting and financing are among the “universal challenges” people face when starting companies....

Startup Demo Day will kick off on 25 August 2020

Europe's largest Startup Demo Day will kick off on 25 August 2020 for the first time with over 500 start-ups and 250 investors:

Build a sense of culture from day 1

GrowthStep is a one-stop solution for growing or turning your startup idea into a reality- provide you with the resources and expertise you need to realise your goals

Never quit!

MIJO is a fulfillment agency in the area of corporate branding. We design and produce onboarding boxes, corporate fashion and merchandising articles for start-ups, SMEs and large companies.

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