Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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First of all, you need to believe in your product and be passionate about it

INVERS automated vehicle sharing solution and shared mobility. With our Shared Mobility OS, we offer a modular full-stack solution for providers

To not give up on your goal and vision

ZERO works very easy and straightforward. Simply download the app, locate a nearby scooter, unlock with QR code and start riding.

Stay focused and motivated

Apagraph — the new way of sharing quotes with themes.. Adding themes to quotes means that words can now better express the emotions and mood of an author.

Be ready to hire people with more experience than you

Fat Lama is a peer-to-peer rental marketplace for just about anything. We insure users to lend out their belongings to others nearby - anything from bikes to video projectors, cameras to campervans

Bosch launches eScooter sharing service

200 electrically powered and connected eScooters offer individual, flexible, and emissions-free mobility. Nearest eScooters can be located, booked, and used at any time

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