Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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Have honest and difficult conversations early

Circu Li-ion offers a fully automated process to individually extract battery cells from used battery packs, diagnose each cell and separate them for reuse or material-based recycling

Write clear detailed plans

UFODRIVE eMobility platform: Book, unlock and drive via your phone their all-electric premium fleet no queues, no confusing extras options, no paperwork, no key.

First of all, you need to believe in your product and be passionate about it

INVERS automated vehicle sharing solution and shared mobility. With our Shared Mobility OS, we offer a modular full-stack solution for providers

Try to push yourself to get something really unique

Luna is launching an e-scooter device which is the world's first application of centimeter-level positioning accuracy technology to scooters

Focus – Don’t try to do everything, try to do something very good.

Trafi: Jelbi app that connects all types of mobility in Berlin- connect multimodal options to the public transport network

Always be open to feedback, but do not lose track of your gut feeling

MOTIONTAG develops a convenient and real-time IT infrastructure for transport mode detection that helps to first understand the existing transport chaos holistically and dissolve it.

Think big

ONO : PAT alternative and cost-efficient solution to current parcel delivery methods, making our cities safer, cleaner and more enjoyable. 

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