Saturday, January 22, 2022
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The world’s first watch made from recycled coffee

Lilienthal Berlin: The world‘s first watch made from recycled coffee launches on Kickstarter in early September. Sustainable. Attractive. High quality.

Primo Toys Launches Content Ecosystem for Cubetto, the screen- less coding toy for children aged 3 to 6

Primo Toys, creator of the Montessori-approved Cubetto Playset, a coding toy famous for introducing computer programming to girls and boys ages three

Dorkpod DIY Open Source Vertical Electric Vehicle Kits Now on Kickstarter!

The Dorkpod is a DIY customizable urban electric vehicle kit that is flatpack designed for easy shipping Dorkpods are fun to scoot around on, and...

IntBridge launched the Helium Smart Light Bulb

IntBridge launched its first home automation product on Kickstarter the Helium Smart Light Bulb Over the years, we have seen many smart lighting products, but they...

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