Thursday, December 8, 2022
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Establish product-market fit and act on it quickly

SensorFlow smart wireless IoT solutions and AI to help buildings monitor, analyse and automate energy consumption for better productivity, sustainability

Transparency and open communication within the team

IOX Rapid Prototypes for IoT Applications to accelerate Innovation for enterprise or product applications- Sensoren, Tracker

Be creative on how you achieve results without spending much

Gartenzwerg is the world’s only personal smart garden that pairs IoT Technology with a natural design and an awesome user experience. Our smart gardens allow anyone to experience growing their own food from home effortlessly

Don’t be afraid to struggle and learn to embrace those times

Our platform offers the users the ability to fund innovative IoT devices against a monthly ROI. MyBit lets people own their future.

Learn not to overthink criticism and doubts placed on your ideas

Studio Graphene offers full Digital Project Management, from creative app development to web design and IoT product development

Be persistent on your goal and realistic about how much you can deliver.

Moodnode provide smarter home experience to people who will enjoy everything from setting up the moods with one touch to integrating it into universe of IoT devices

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