Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Pick your battles, one at a time

Hashtag Daily the first soap opera airing on Instagram and Tiktok in a vertical format on your cell phone-a bridge between TV and Influencer marketing.

NIKINs #HugATreeChallenge – More sustainability with the help of Instagram

The Swiss fashion and lifestyle brand NIKIN launched the biggest social media campaign to combat global deforestation on 19 May.

Don’t follow the stars in the industry, find your own way

Cherrydeck visual business directory based on Instagram : We want to be the biggest directory for photo driven businesses, helping millions of SMBs making better business

Be ruthless with hiring the right people and make no compromises is one of the fastest growing Facebook Marketing Partners, working with advertisers like eBay, Skyscanner and Home24.


London entrepreneurs Michael Blakeley and Rupert Coney launch new dating and friendship app clikd – the ‘Instagram’ of the dating world, where people can use photos to build their own personalised dating app.

You have to think deeply about your company, and its self-image — who are you serving and why?

Takumi let influencers pick campaigns through an app. After they have submitted their work on instagram, we pay them two days after the posts.

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