Friday, September 17, 2021
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Be persistent, eventually a door will open

NGT3 is an Israeli VC focused exclusively on early‐stage life-science technologies, located in Nazareth, Israel’s largest Arab city in Israel.

4 bad practices that are getting your business into debt

4 bad practices that are getting your business into debt. Getting a business into debt is often easier and more silent than most people think.

How Do You Like Your Microalgae?

Marine ingredient start-up Yemoja, Ltd., has created a next-gen platform for cultivating customized, pharmaceutical grade microalgae on demand.

Nothing works without the risk , don’t be scared.

Digit Nine is a global platform which includes mentors, best practices and investors all under one roof in 5 days - to reach startups of funding

Equinom Raises US$10 Million to Accelerate Growth

Equinom announces it has closed its Series B round of funding of $10 million, led by BASF Venture Capital, Germany

Neptune for data scientists: New data science collaboration tool raises USD 3M

Poland-based Neptune is aiming to build the new global collaboration standard for data scientists Neptune, the data science collaboration hub, has completed a post-seed financing...

Partech Ventures Announces 400M€ Partech Growth Final Close

Partech Growth intends to invest between €10M and €50M of capital infast-growing technology and digital companies that have already achieved significant revenues.

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