Saturday, August 20, 2022
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TrusTrace: More sustainability for the fashion industry

TrusTrace from Sweden making it to the Green Alley Award finals! More sustainability for the fashion industry with AI and blockchain-based technology

Be patient and dream big

ALISIA ENCO fashion brand for all the women in the business world who want to feel inspired by clothes that define their personality and boost their confidence

Find the right balance

Staiy sustainable fashion brands and breakthrough personalization technology, in one single and interactive platform.

Take every opportunity

Adzurra is a fashion app marketplace that gives shoppers quick access to sales from local and international fashion boutiques.

Don’t be afraid of taking risk!

LUKSO creates a future-friendly space for fashion and lifestyle establishments , sustain and engage with their consumers and the fashion industry at large with the benefits

Don’t be scared to try to do things

Evan Sharma founder of RBLB turns sneakers into works of art - intersection of both creativity and technical design with original art, Evan would like to be doing significant show

Take Risks and trust yourself!

Alma de Ace presents an alternative to the usual London vintage gear streetwear. Alma believes in style over fashion and sources fabrics with life...

Be nice. Give first. Keep trying.

Faer: Discover the best of fair and sustainable fashion from all the around the world Please introduce yourself and your startup Faer to our readers! My co-founder...

Believe in your idea

POPKALAB has worked in collaboration with several fashion brands and developed many prototypes. Mainly our work is for exhibitions or fashion shows.

Don’t be scared that someone will steal your idea

Sudio Sweden is a Swedish lifestyle earphones brand headquartered in Stockholm. We produce high quality earphones with minimalistic Scandinavian design.

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