Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Big Data

Without a good team, often nothing works

StockPulse makes the psychology of the stock market tangible with the help of Big Data Introduce yourself and the startup StockPulse to our readers! StockPulse makes...

Barcelona AI start-up Epinium joins world-renowned accelerator program

Together with eight other start-ups from all over the world, Epinium joins the highly selective mentorship program for technology-first start-ups in Berlin.

Believe in the greatnessof the target you pursue

SynerScope combine the NVIDIA world of highly efficient data computation with the world of efficient and highly scalable data handling and storage using Hadoop and Spark frameworks.

A Spanish company revolutionizes market research methods using artificial intelligence

Epinium Analytics also provides data about competitors to cross it with your data and in this way to analyze and to discover market trends.

Keep in mind, it would not be a very smooth ride, so be prepared for a bumpy ride

Fusion Analytics World intends to provide a holistic view of the Analytics industry by bringing together all ecosystem players within the global market

Take the time to do the market research

Pivigo is the world's largest community of data scientists. We are excited about what data can do to change our world, and we are passionate about people.

Ahrma launches revolutionary smart pallet

Ahrma combines new innovative materials with The Internet of Things, using state-of-the-art intelligence, and well managed pool and rental services

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