Friday, October 7, 2022
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artificial intelligence

Semalytix receives € 2 million from NRW.BANK.Venture Fund

As part of an extended Series A financing round, NRW.BANK is investing in Semalytix with its venture fund.

Listen to your customers and prospective customers

VoiceIQ phone system that uses artificial intelligence to deliver a telephony experience that is unrecognisably better than anything on the market today

Know your figures back to front

Get Creative: Flaire focuses on using AI to generate creative ideas and concepts, as well as styling and generating visuals.

Invest in yourself!

Nemes Ventures, helps women understand, use and work with Artificial Intelligence through Education, Community and Talent platforms

Do not underestimate the importance of passion in your team’s members

Intelistyle Artificial Intelligence Fashion stylist. Users can use the app to snap a photo of any garment and get outfit ideas either from their wardrobe or participating retailers

Be ambitious

Inspirient building an Artificial Intelligence that can automatically analyse any business dataset- presentation slides for people to read

Barcelona AI start-up Epinium joins world-renowned accelerator program

Together with eight other start-ups from all over the world, Epinium joins the highly selective mentorship program for technology-first start-ups in Berlin.

Carlos Martínez : Work with a customer-oriented strategy

With Epinium Analytics we make market research in real time possible using Artificial Intelligence to analyze user-generated content in form of customer reviews

A Spanish company revolutionizes market research methods using artificial intelligence

Epinium Analytics also provides data about competitors to cross it with your data and in this way to analyze and to discover market trends.

Having a clear vision of what you are offering

Fractal essentially codifies the brains of CFOs into an app, leading to smarter financial decisions for startups, and small and medium-sized businesses.

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