Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Find as many ways as you can to get feedback from your users

ONCOassist app for oncology professionals- easy access to relevant, up-to-date tools and content when and where it is needed. Please introduce yourself and the Startup...

Never lose your passion and think out of the box!

mTek enables clients to compare and buy insurance policies. They can also handle the whole claims process from the convenience of their smartphone. All processes are end-to-end paperless

Energy-eaters announce the fight!

LifePole develop mobile apps that connects the most diverse life situations of people with the associated companies and services

Make sure to look out for funding

Fluper app development startup with the aim to provide the users the service or app they needed all this time - Multiply Their Revenue

All or nothing mindset

Gyrus, is a secure, mobile, social app that can be anonymity enabled, to send messages and videos- AI-driven algorithm

Focus – Don’t try to do everything, try to do something very good.

Trafi: Jelbi app that connects all types of mobility in Berlin- connect multimodal options to the public transport network

Be nice. Give first. Keep trying.

Faer: Discover the best of fair and sustainable fashion from all the around the world Please introduce yourself and your startup Faer to our readers! My co-founder...

You have to start DOING – and making mistakes to learn from them

Our first product – the stringster app – enables players to identify the appropriate point of time to restring their rackets.

Believe in your project!

BeatMe is the only free Esports mobile app available on Android and iOS. In 3 clicks, you challenge anyone, anytime, on all your favorite video games

If there are any ideas, do not wait for someone to implement them

The project was selected by the California Department of Google in the Early Access category, where in January 2017 the app got in TOP...

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