Monday, May 16, 2022
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Constantly evolving with customer requirements

Lindera digital AI-based 3D motion analyser that reduces the risk of falls for seniors in a measurable way - for precisely assessing movement

Listen to your customers and prospective customers

VoiceIQ phone system that uses artificial intelligence to deliver a telephony experience that is unrecognisably better than anything on the market today

Establish product-market fit and act on it quickly

SensorFlow smart wireless IoT solutions and AI to help buildings monitor, analyse and automate energy consumption for better productivity, sustainability

Know your figures back to front

Get Creative: Flaire focuses on using AI to generate creative ideas and concepts, as well as styling and generating visuals.

MyMobiForce Launches AI-Based Crowd-Sourcing Platform

Established in 2018, Noida based Mymobiforce (brand) is AI based leading crowd-sourcing platform in India to manage on-demand services.

Don’t shy away from changing plans

Sarafan.AI technology for the recognition products in photos and videos and shows viewers where they can buy similar things.

Surround yourself only with people who inspire you

Spoon Guru AI technology help online retailers consumers find the right foods through machine learning / nutritional information / labelling information.

Have fun and listen to what people are telling you

RetinAI develops products to make research and health institutions more efficient using latest technologies in machine learning and computer vision.

Solve a problem you have to solve

AlphaVoice: We instantaneously convert your podcast or youtube channel into a conversational AI experience How did you get the idea to AlphaVoice? I have always had...

Stay focused without letting stress killing you

We are the first finance assistant in Germany that is able to track when your salary comes in, you get a refund, there are some “suspicious transactions”

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