Believe in the greatnessof the target you pursue

Jan-Kees Buenen– CEO von SynerScope in interview

SynerScope was one start-up participating in the “Inception Connect Enterprise” event from NVIDIA. With the “Inception Connect Enterprise” event, NVIDIA creates a platform for AI startups, investors, industry leaders, and others from the Tech community to demonstrate the value of artificial intelligence across all business sectors.

With the Inception program, NVIDIA supports AI start-ups on various levels to help them during the critical phases of product and prototype development and deployment. This is done, among other things, by providing technical support from deep learning experts, hardware discounts and marketing.

Please introduce yourself and your Startup SynerScope to our readers!
Jan-Kees Buenen: SynerScope provides hyper-converged-systems for organizations to make working with Big Data easy and efficient. We combine the NVIDIA world of highly efficient data computation with the world of efficient and highly scalable data handling and storage using Hadoop and Spark frameworks. We offer this as a SynerScope appliance on premise or in the cloud adding our Fine Touch Integration for performance.To build an advanced data analytics capability likely takes most organizations 12-18 months, SynerScope reduces this to mere hours by deploying its out-of-the-box solution.

How did you get the idea to SynerScope?
Jan-Kees Buenen: The idea for SynerScope was born from observing the big contrasts in the availability and use of data for decision making in high-speed manufacturing environments and the white-collar office workflows of a large global packaging enterprise. Statistical process control (SPC) had vastly improved the efficiencies and productivity of manufacturing operations while white-collar processes remained mostly at near static levels of improvement.

How difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome?
The idea to start pushing for a data driven approach on white-collar work was so far-fetched in 2007 that the organization that I worked for asked me to pursue the innovation outside. The difficulties started with the recognition that white-collar work is an inherently networked activity, which poses big difficulties in statistical processes and computation requirements. From SPC before came the learning that in order to operationalize analytics from data results need to be visually accessible. The stroke of luck came in 2009 from crossing over medical and scientific visualization technologies already powered by NVIDIA into the domain of business analytics.

Who is your target audience?
Today our target audience is threefold in both markets and persona:

• Markets of focus are Financial services (banking and insurance), Energy (grid operators and oil&gas) and cyber security

• Domain Experts in the business, our Iximeer front-end solution that uses NVIDIA GRID technology for high data density rendering closes the white space of “unknowns” in data by allowing fast human-lead interpretation of data in broad context. Here we also use CUDA based computations for Deep learning on semi- and unstructured data such as text, digital images, video and uses third party deep learning on voice records to provide additional guidance when working through a high-volume and high-variety datalake.

• Data Scientists like our Ixiwasolution that can serve as a self-service data selection surface for domain experts while it provides a central bench for ingesting, indexing, cataloging and advanced data wrangling. Ixiwa provides automatic access control based on the meta data generated at ingest. Ixiwa combines the Spark/Hadoop world with Tensorflow on GPU to provide the best of both worlds; a high-performance-compute for AI tightly integrated with a performant and economic data storage layer on distributed files systems of Hadoop.

• IT Management and Architecture like SynerScope’s flexible and highly cost effective solution to Big Data problems. Fast to deploy (hours only) with first value results following already a few days later. We deliver performance in hybrid-environments always maintaining a full top down overview on all data-at-rest and data-in-motion. Fine grained access control and data governance and provenance make the system enterprise grade and deliver a best in class enterprise solution from a GDPR (data privacy protection) perspective.

What is the USP of your startup?
Speed, Speed, Speed and Productivity, Productivity, Productivity with data of any source, type and velocity.

Can you describe a typical workday of you?
A typical workday when not traveling, weekend 50% of this:

• 8:00AM start at the office, answering emails
• 8:00-8:30AM calls with people difficult to reach during work hours
• 8:30-9:00AM one-on-one sessions with rotating team members
• 9:15-12:15PM 2 x 90 mins on rotating desk work: marketing/ sales/ hr/
product development, corporate development, visitors
• 12:15-13:15PM Lunch, too often a working lunch, check email
• 13:15-14:45PM 90 mins on rotating deskwork: marketing/ sales/ hr/
product development, corporate development
• 15:00-16:00PM Often a conference call with US East Coast prospects
• 16:00-18:00PM End of day visitors, team meetings, desk work
• 18:00-20:00PM Travel home, dinner
• 20:00-21:00PM Conference calls US East Coast
• 21:00-22:30PM Reading, emails, preparing presentations

Where do you see yourself and your startup SynerScope in five years?
To look ahead five years is like asking me to have a crystal ball, which I don’t have. We have a business target of achieving at least one million regular enterprise users globally with an annual revenue of $500 million in 5 years. Technology and markets are moving rapidly. SynerScope has taken a radical approach to working with ALL data, not just nicely structured and cleaned data. Increasingly data is generated by handheld and embedded devices, text, digital images, video and voice are the main data types generated. SynerScope uses the compute power of NVIDIA to let organizations work with such ‘messy’ data. NVIDIA capabilities are rapidly developing in all major clouds. As our solution requires uneven peak loads and most of our enterprise customers are moving towards the cloud we will realize our revenues where the data, clients and compute moves.

What 3 tips would you give other Start-up founders on the way?
Don’t be afraid to target the today technological impossible as other people may show up with the complementary technology just in time, believe in the greatnessof the target you pursue

– Follow the dynamic areas of computation and data technology, you have to master
technology at the edge with the benefit of mankind in mind

– Show GRIT, “you ain’t dead until your dead”

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Thank you Jan-Kees Buenenfor the Interview

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