How to Stay Fit with a Busy London Lifestyle

How to Stay Fit While Balancing a Busy London Lifestyle

Building a career in London can often mean that work takes over other aspects of your life. Whether you’re a freelancer turning a Shoreditch café into your own virtual office or a business executive in Canary Wharf, it can be difficult to stay fit while working—not to mention trying to keep up your relationships and attempting to maintain some level of sanity, all at the same time. Here, we offer a guide for finding your inner fitness guru while keeping up your career and personal life in a city that is constantly moving.

Take Classes

Joining a gym is one of the most obvious tips when it comes to staying fit, but it’s all too easy to purchase a membership and never actually go. Scheduling exercise classes can help you commit to a fitness routine. Give that gym membership some use by booking a yoga class after work. Better yet, join Classpass, a service that lets you schedule all sorts of exercise classes at gyms all over London for a flat fee. Services like Classpass keep you committed, too—you pay a fee each time you cancel a class within a certain time frame. If the endorphin rush of exercise doesn’t motivate you, perhaps money will!

Walk to Work

Even if you don’t have time to take a class during a busy work day, you can always squeeze in some exercise by walking to work. Depending on how far you live from your workplace, walking to work can put you well on your way to satisfying the recommended 10,000 steps per day. Is your commute too long to travel on foot? Get off the train or bus a few stations from your office, then walk the rest.

Nourish Your Body

At this point, we’ve all heard the importance of eating a balanced diet and cutting back on processed foods, but this can be particularly difficult when you’re spending long hours at the office on deadline or prepping for a big meeting. In these cases, preparation is key. Prep your lunches for work over the weekends or in the evenings. Pack foods that will keep you full and provide the nutrients your body needs to keep going; grain bowls and hearty salads make excellent lunches. Also be sure to bring healthy snacks like apples, almonds or carrot sticks for when hunger strikes.

Find a Workplace That Supports a Healthy Lifestyle

Many people spend the majority of their days in a drab office that is less than conducive to staying physically and mentally healthy. While not everyone has immediate control over their place of work, keep your health in mind the next time you’re choosing a new workplace or moving your office.

Beautiful coworking spaces are popping up all over London, and they offer a great alternative to traditional boring, grey offices. The Brew in East London is one example of these creative office spaces. With bright, stylish interiors and lots of natural light, The Brew and other shared workspaces focus on providing the best environment for the people and companies that choose to base their businesses there.

Staying fit while keeping up with work, friends and family can be a challenge, but it’s one that you can handle. Try out these tips to embrace a balanced, fit life, without sacrificing your career or relationships.

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