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7 Startup Ideas For A Recent University Graduate

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What do you plan to do after college? 

It’s a very simple question, but it can have many different answers. Some people dream of getting a nice job in a promising company, talented scholars keep learning, but there are also individuals who are interested in launching their own startup.

By definition, a startup represents a young company founded by one or more entrepreneurs to develop a unique product or service and bring it to market. Although most people confuse startups with IT companies, the truth is that startups can successfully operate in every niche as long as they offer a high-quality product or service.

There’s something special about being your own boss, but do you have what it takes to build a profitable company single-handedly?

It mostly depends on your skills and your business idea. Keep in mind that 90% of all startups fail, so you better be ready to dig deep in order to find the right way to go. We can help you with that by highlighting seven startup ideas for a recent university graduate.

Launch an eCommerce Business

Online retail has been flourishing in the last few years because the number of Internet users keeps growing steadily. Besides that, people can quickly compare offers and prices online and enjoy shopping from the comfort of their homes. 

The global eCommerce market is currently worth around $4,200 billion, but it is projected to grow to more than $6,500 billion in 2023. This basically means that the industry is still developing, so there is more than enough room for you to step in and grow your startup. 

You can create an independent eCommerce business from scratch, but it’s easier to use the existing platform such as WooCommerce or Shopify to launch the store quickly. A new eCommerce company can expect to bring in $39 thousand of revenue in their first month while generating $6.5 million in total revenue after three years.

Launch an Assignment Writing Service

As a recent university graduate, you must have all the necessary skills to launch an assignment help or dissertation help agency. You would be surprised to learn how many students look for professional essay writers to learn how to write or get their academic papers done on time. 

Jake Gardner, an assignment writer from London, claims that the business is flourishing these days: “Well-spoken individuals who know how to write well can always make money in the assignment writing business. The best thing about this type of work is that students leave online reviews, so you can quickly build a professional reputation and develop your startup.”

According to the report, the average academic writer can make about $51 thousand annually.

Offer Online Tutoring Services

If you are not much of a writer – but still have the expertise to help students thrive – we suggest becoming an online tutor. This gives you the chance to help young scholars from all over the world while working from wherever you want. 

A typical online tutor makes almost $20 hourly, but the fee depends on your area of expertise. Generally speaking, online tutors can expect to earn up to $80 thousand per year.

App Development

If there is one type of startup business that is really skyrocketing, it must be app development. The number of smartphone users has been increasing at a steady rate and it’s natural to see the growing demand for mobile applications.

According to the report, more than five billion people use smartphones in the world today. They all need mobile apps for everything from gaming and entertainment to online shopping and communication. 

University graduates who know their way around app development should definitely give it a try, especially if you know that a single product can earn you a fortune if you know what the audience really needs. 

Content Creation

We obviously spend most of our time in the digital realm where we search for interesting, educational, funny, and entertaining content. This is exactly what makes content creation is a popular choice among talented individuals with enough proficiency in writing or web design. 

What can you do as a content creator? The number of options is almost countless, but here are a few suggestions:

  • Write blog posts and online stories
  • Create marketing copies and landing pages
  • Design attractive images, infographics, and animations
  • Make audio files and podcasts
  • Produce videos and GIFs

The business is highly versatile, but it pays off since you can easily earn up to $40 thousand a year. 

Shoot Video Reviews of Different Products

Do you know how to shoot appealing videos? If the answer is yes, then you might as well produce video reviews and publish product comparisons. The easiest way to do it is this:

  • Create your YouTube channel and brand it properly
  • Choose a specific niche to become a well-known expert
  • Publish at least a few product-related videos and describe these items honestly and objectively
  • Give users some good tips and suggestions
  • When you accumulate enough subscribers, reach out to companies and propose to make reviews of their products
  • Get paid for publishing excellent product testimonials and comparisons

Depending on your popularity, you could be earning anywhere between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars a month. 

Become an Affiliate Marketer

The last startup idea is to become an affiliate marketer. How does it work? 

You need to create a website and publish a lot of top-level content about a given niche. As your traffic numbers keep growing, you can begin cooperating with brands and promote their products or services discretely. 

Similar to video production, affiliate marketing gives you a whole palette of possibilities that you can seize to earn trust and make money along the way. It looks like more than 70% of affiliate marketers earn over $40 thousand annually, so it’s definitely worth a shot. 

Startup Ideas For A Recent University Graduate

Up to You!

Startups come in all sorts and formats, but the best of the best always have one thing in common – a great business idea. If you want to build a successful company, you have to research the market and figure out how to approach it in a way that looks fresh and exciting in the eyes of the target audience.

In this post, we discussed seven startup ideas for a recent university graduate. Tell us which one do you believe to be the most interesting and don’t hesitate to share other valuable ideas in the comments!


Michael Gorman is an essay writer free at the best paper writing service. Apart from writing great college reviews, Michael is also interested in topics like digital marketing, business, and finance. He is the father of a lovely toddler and a passionate long-distance runner.

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