German-Indian venture transforms startup ideas into real businesses

The pre-accelerator Startup Creator implemented an international program, which helps entrepreneurs build their company from scratch

A strong global network supports students and young professionals in developing their initial idea and design towards the production of mobile apps and provides high quality services at a low price.

Being unable to raise cash and getting started with a tech idea is one of the biggest issues that prospective entrepreneurs encounter. Experienced tech co-founders are scarce and hiring software agencies is not an option as their services are far too costly for most founders. Moreover, the myth that entrepreneurs without a technology background need years of experience in this area prevails and hinders many people from launching their business.

The tech association Startup Creator dispenses with the established clichés and provides everything entrepreneurs need to build their own startup. With offices in India and Germany and freelancers from across the globe, they bring ideas to life at minimal costs. A creative team of tech strategists, designers and software specialists assist not only in the concept preparation, but also carry out the design and development. With many years of experience the developers of Startup Creator deploy complex native and web apps in less than 8 weeks.

They don’t claim any equity, but count on the long-term relationships that they establish with the generated startups and their subsequent development needs. Startup Creator enables entrepreneurs to save up to 80% of their budget in comparison to traditional Western agencies as they operate from the Indian IT hub Chandigarh. Due to rapid technological developments and rigorous programming standards the work has proven to be on par with that of Western software specialists. Their geographical advantage not only enables them to pursue their core business at high quality standards, but also to provide low priced development services to prospective entrepreneurs.

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