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34 startups from 13 countries made it into to the program 5 of STARTUP AUTOBAHN – just initiated 220 joint projects between startups and corporations.

Europe’s largest innovation platform starts its fifth round with 34 startups from 10 countries (including 25 from Europe, 5 from the USA, 4 from Israel), who together raised over $180m and got accepted into the program with over 50 pilot projects. STARTUP AUTOBAHN is not only talking or showcasing the newest technology, we facilitate joint projects between startups and corporations and offers access to VC’s, mentors, hardware lab, expertise, tools and office space.

In the upcoming batch, 34 young tech companies – with the combined strength of now 19 corporate partners – will work on joint projects direct in the business units or at the ARENA2036 technology laboratory.” At the heart of STARTUP AUTOBAHN is the collaboration between corporations and startups with the aim of successfully driving joint technology projects,” says Sascha Karimpour, Managing Director of Plug & Play Germany GmbH. The following young tech companies from 4 continents and 13 countries have been offered the opportunity to validate and pilot their technologies on a neutral platform, moderated by Plug and Play within a three-month program:

Acellere, Ainak, Aurora Labs, AX Semantics, Cogatech, Cogniac, Contiamo, Crunchr, Dedrone, drag&bot, e-bot7, Enroute, eyesight, Fero Labs, Flyability, Franka Emika, KINEXON Industries, Kopernikus, Lana Labs, Luminartech, matching box, NAiSE, Neuron Soundware, Noiseless Acoustics, QuadCover, Roadster, SmapOne, TEND, Twikit, Visometry, Volterio, White Raven, WOODOO and Xain.

Plug and Play – as the moderator of the program started the sourcing of these startups in March 2018 and organized hundreds of meetings between startups and the corporate partners of STARTUP AUTOBAHN. This gave the business units the chance to understand the startups technologies truly and to evaluate whether there is a strategic fit. Thanks to this process the selected 34 startups can expect one or more business units that strongly consider carrying out a pilot project. Starting now, over 50 pilot projects got commitment and both partner will be worked on the next 100 days. On EXPO Day, taking place on February 21st 2018, the partners and network of STARTUP AUTOBAHN will hear about many more joint projects happened. So far, a record number 174 projects were initiated in just 24 months and many long- term projects resulted out of it.

The focus of joint projects are shaping the future of mobility and beyond. Their pioneering ideas likewise covered a broad spectrum of topics from e-mobility, human-machine interface, supply chain logistics as well related themes in the field of vehicle tech (CASE), vehicle services (fintech/insurtech), enterprise processes (HR/Retail), energy, future of production and industry 4.0.

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Source Plug & Play Germany GmbH

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