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What Nobody Teaches You About Starting A Service-Based Business

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Starting a business has its ups and downs, and is often an uphill task. This article will help you understand the deep trappings of business and how to harness them to your advantage. You will need to have a good background of skills whenever you’re starting a service-based business.

Contrary to popular perception and belief, it isn’t a must for you to have a product to start a business. It is not a fallacy that a business needs a product to sell. However, the product doesn’t have to be physical – this is where the trick is. We have been brainwashed to think that a business product is always tangible. You can start a business offering services, in the place of a product. Many people have done this before and so; there’s no need to be perturbed.

Some promising examples of service-based businesses that have stood the test of time include: 

  • Fitness training. 
  • Writing. 
  • Makeup art. 
  • Pet sitting. 
  • Babysitting and daycare.
  • Caregiving. 
  • Tutoring. 
  • Catering. 
  • Cleaning. 
  • Business consulting. 
  • Website designing and creation. 

Of course, the list is endless as we cannot exhaust all of the services. There are several benefits and pitfalls of such businesses, and they include the following:


  • The chance to be your boss.
  • Easy to set up. 
  • Variety to choose. 
  • Good returns. 


  • It is risky. 
  • There’s a lot of uncertainty. 
  • No guarantees of flowing income. 

As you see, there’s nothing on the surface of the earth that doesn’t have its set of benefits and disadvantages. All you need to do is to assess both and make an informed decision. And this text will help you harness this ability. Here are a few lessons to learn: 

Think of a brilliant business idea 

This is the first step you need to take. A good business idea should answer the following primary concerns: 

  • What problem does it fix? People are more tuned to welcome a new business that solves a problem in their lives than one that adds satisfaction or contentment. Deeply analyze what problem lies in the consumer market and try to create a solution. The solution will be your business start-up. For example, the writing business started off the need to offer assignment help for the BestEssay to students. 
  • How is it different? Uniqueness is key to success in the service-based niche. You shouldn’t be a copy of what someone else is when you can be the real deal. Find out what distinguishes you from the competition in the market. Are you doing things the ordinary way or is your way different? What will make a prospect choose you from the rest of the other services? These are some of the things that you need to have at the back of your mind. 
  • Is there any new technology to support your idea? The world is advancing at a fast pace, thanks to the advancements in technology. Your idea needs to have a technological aspect in it, to appeal to the customers. It should be progressive and not retrogressive. And technology is one sure way of the future. 
  • How does it save on costs? Another vital part of a service-based business format is the cost implication. Your clientele needs to see how it saves them on costs, and this will either encourage or discourage interest. The three things that will help you is optimizing your business to be cheaper, faster, and more advanced than the rest.  

Carry out market research 

Starting a business without doing proper research is a bomb waiting to explode. Detailed analysis helps you to understand what the market expects from you. Besides, it aids in judging whether someone else is already doing what you plan and how you can compete. You can conduct this through a survey using questionnaires to prospects. This will give you an insight about your chances of survival. Afterward, you can either drop your plan or commence. 

Wait for feedback and take it positively 

After you make your debut in the industry, wait for clientele feedback before proceeding further with established plans. People who have interacted with the service you’re offering are better placed to tell you if it is right or wrong. A fresh opinion from a customer can help you tackle critical faults before they ruin the entire business. You should trust their contribution as they have a first-hand experience of the model you are offering. 

Also, newbies in the service-based niche tend to have one common weakness – assumption. This is one word that can kill your business immediately after it has started. Never take views from clients for granted. However, silly you may think your customers’ feedback may be, always take it positively. Remember one golden rule of business – the customer will ever be right.

Learn the location demands for your business 

Some service-based businesses work best in a specific location, and so, you can’t place them anywhere. For instance, it would be pointless to put a baby daycare center in an industrial area and expect it to be successful. It has to be in a serene environment that parents can trust and have the peace of leaving their kids behind. In a service-based model, earning the trust of your client is essential. Therefore, getting the right location is your starting point for succeeding in the business.

Learn the basics about selling and marketing 

Any business needs hardcore selling to convert prospects into customers and customers into brand loyalists. Therefore, this is the most crucial skill you will need to learn for your business. It takes commitment and creativity to sell. And you don’t learn everything overnight. You have to be patient and dedicated. Some of the marketing skills you need to employ are social media, websites, and conventional advertisements. You can also go further and create an app that will help get content rolling smoothly for your customers. However, this is tied to the type of business you have.

Have a goal 

Working without a goal is like driving blind. You won’t see where you’re going, but you’ll move, nonetheless. Also, your goals help you to have the impetus to achieve as you will be targeting to complete them. A goal doesn’t have to be huge at the initial stages. Start small and avoid having far-fetched expectations. When you’re incredibly ambitious, you are more likely to get frustrated quickly when you fail to meet your goals. Not to say that you should have meager goals, but you should assess your current state and move with baby steps. You won’t see a baby walk the same day it is born. And so, your business will take a bit of time before you can achieve all of your desires.

On your goals, you need to have monetary targets in terms of proceeds from the business. For example, you could say that you aim at $30,000 by the end of the year. This will give you a driving force to meet what you state. However, if you fail to achieve the target, don’t give up. 

Work hard 

Nothing comes easy; you have to toil and stress at some point to achieve the success you intend. There’s a notion that service-based businesses don’t need a lot of work as compared to the product-based niches. This is a fat lie that you should never buy. Everything requires hard work and commitment. This field is no exception as you will have to give it your all. If anything, service businesses need more attention as you will be directly dealing with the client. Your presence is necessary every step of the way, or at least for the initial stages. When you establish the business properly and lay the right foundation, you can leave, and everything will still run as expected.

Get a mentor if possible 

The reason why you’re reading this right now is that nobody knows everything. When you’re starting a service-based industry, and especially if you are a newbie, you need to have someone who can guide you. Preferably, it should be someone who has some background knowledge and experience in that niche you’re venturing into. They will help you adapt faster into the business model and make informed decisions. Also, they can be your go-to guys whenever you need to consult on a pertinent issue. A service industry like insurance or real estate might require you to get some apprenticeship if you have no prior knowledge.

Unless you’re a guru or a wannabe, you will not fail to recognize the relevance of a mentor and apprenticeship lessons. 

Create a working plan 

Everything will fall to waste if you don’t work with a potent plan. Your business depends on the policy you create to grow. If you have a wrong guide, chances are you will distort everything in your business. 


In retaliating to the above business tips and hacks, you need to understand that every action has an impact. Be careful not to mess up your start-up by failing to follow what is expected from you. And above all, trust in the process – never lose hope. 

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