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Sabine Elsässer
Sabine Elsässer is founder and chief editor of the StartupValleyNews Magazine. She started her career at several international direct sale companys. Since 2007 she works main time as a journalist. While that time she learned more about the Startup Scene, what made her start her own Startup Magazine the StartupValleyNews.

STAG hand craft luxury shaving sets sourced British Woods

Please introduce yourself and your startup STAG to our readers!
Hi! I’m Luke and the founder of STAG.
We hand craft luxury shaving sets using ethically and locally sourced British Woods. Our mission is to make your mornings fantastic again through the best shave in the world. We also want to make a difference to the environment by ditching plastics for responsibly sourced raw materials. We’re currently crowdfunding our new shaving set “Britain’s Best Shave” on Kickstarter

How did you get the idea to STAG?
I used to HATE shaving. And i got shaving rashes, irritation and so I would avoid shaving at all costs. I was also conscious of the impact shaving canisters and throwaway plastics were having to the planet.
So, I decided to do something about it. I learned about wet shaving, and how shaving was once an art passed down from generation to generation. A truly reinvigorating experience.

I’m also passionate about the environment, as well as making better things that last and making them in Britain. I love skilled craft.

So came the idea of a luxury shaving set, handcrafted using eco-friendly materials that we can trace to their very roots and tell a beautiful story. Everyone one of our woods came from an area close to home each piece carries its own unique character and personality.

How difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome?
Finding good quality craftsman is very difficult in the modern age. The easy way out is to have things mass made in the Far East, but that’s not us and not what we’re about. We wanted MASTERFUL craftsmanship, precision in every detail. We wanted to make something people would be proud to own and that meant making beautiful things that last.

Finding the right woodworker, engraver, soap maker etc. was a real challenge. We tried plenty of different people but we knew what we wanted and we weren’t going to settle for less.

The people we work with are truly special with wonderful craftsmanship skills that are hard to find anywhere in the world. We love our team.

Who is your target audience?
We believe that if you shave, you will LOVE our shaving collection. The feedback we’ve had has truly been overwhelming. Whilst most of our sales has been from Men aged 25-50, we don’t want to narrow our target audience to any particular demographic.

What is the USP of your startup?
STAG is truly unique, in every way. We believe that shaving shouldn’t be a chore, but a luxury experience enjoy every morning with a shaving collection that you love and are proud to own. Shaving with STAG means you’ll be excited for every morning, to feel refreshed, reinvigorated and alive with a clean, irritation free shave. That’s why we design and handcraft every part of our shaving collection in Britain with precision, to ensure you have the closest, smoothest shave.

STAGWe used different parts of locally and responsibly sourced woods that each carry their own pattern, tree pores, colour, character and personality. Every set is unique to you, no one will own a set like yours!

We say no to plastics, no to landfill, that’s why we use eco-friendly raw materials. Even the single blades our razors use are made from steel and are 100% recyclable!

Can you describe a typical workday of you?
A typical workday means visiting our Artisans across Britain to collect their latest work for our customers, discuss new designs and different ideas. We travel the UK for inspiration for new woods and ideas. A typical day means hand packing and posting out orders across the globe! More than half of our customers are outside of the UK!

Where do you see yourself and your startup STAG in five years?
The most important thing for me is that people are getting a great product, that they’re proud to own, and makes a difference to their life. We’ve just launched our latest Kickstarter for entire shaving set which has kept us busy for the last six months!

Eventually, we’ll introduce new items to our collection, but we want to make sure that they’re perfect before they go out!

What 3 tips would you give other Start-up founders on the way?
Stay strong: Starting a new business is hard. They’ll be setbacks and obstacles, otherwise everybody would be doing it!
You have to stick through the hard times, believe in what you do but also take criticism on board. People’s advice isn’t always right, you should go with your gut, but do be open to suggestions and different ideas.

Marketing is an evil necessity: Sadly, nobody will intuitively know the minute you launch a new product on your website that it is for sale. You have to go out and find those people! That will inevitably mean spending money on advertising, but that doesn’t mean throw money at everything and see what sticks. Truly study your target demographic and how to address them. It’s all about a return on investment, so make sure you’re getting back more than you’re putting in! There’s also plenty of free advertising out there, don’t be afraid to shout and be proud about what you’re doing.

Have a USP: OK, I know this one is obvious. But without this, unless you have an outrageous marketing budget, you have to ask yourself honestly why people would buy what you’re selling over Bob next door. You need to offer something that people want, this is what is going to drive your sales and without this, your marketing spend might just be money up the wall. Think about why you stand out and shout to the rooftops about it!

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Thank you Luke Whitehead for the Interview

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