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Spotcomm: WiFi media platform, 100% ad viewership guaranteed!

Please introduce yourself and your startup Spotcomm to our readers!
This is Hassam Sohail Ahmed Business degree graduate, passionate networker and a persistent warrior. I started my career as an entrepreneur when I was 16 years old. I formed a small network to provide internet connectivity’s to residential users. That grows up 5000+ users in 2 years.During this journey is started leanrning more about networking and became youngest CCNA and CCNP from Pakistan.I am the youngest one from Pakistan to get Pakistan Telecommuncation Authority DATA CVAS license (legal document to provide internet services in sindh region). Then downfall came and everything was lost. I never gave up. I joined dgs and started selling internet to USA based customers on phone.Sold multiple packages for Comcast. That helped me to pay my university fee and to generate some savings.

Spotcomm was my final project in university.I started this company with 5 friends. I still remember that day “November 14th, Entrepreneurship class” we presented Sptcomm as our final project. It was so well, panel suggested us to make it live. We started this company with the investment of 600 rs only. Idea was to provide “Free Public WiFi To Community By Showing Advertisements”. To execute this idea we were in need of funding.

To get this done and to generate funds, we started selling internet to small and medium size corporations. There was a need of effective customer services in Pakistan. We became a 3rd party affiliates for all the major network providers in Pakistan. Satcomm PVT Ltd was the first one.We started selling without having an office, customers were impressed by our services. Then we made it a brand named “CIRoFi”. This is now well known brand in Pakistan, we provide services nationwide having in house customer services. What we do is we provide internet on 3rd party infrastructure and take them on our panel for after sales customer services. Our complaint solving response time is 5 minutes max.

After 8 months of CIRoFi we were in a position to enter phase 1, we bought a new office and started building “FiuS” which is wifi management system for restaurants and cafes. During this time of period 2 of our partners left because we were not in a position to get advantages of profits.

Fius is now roaming in all cities of Pakistan and generating some very good profits. All big restaurants know Fius and are taking maximum advantage to increase their sales through wifi.Fius is a platform for restaurants, previously restaurants were providing wifi but it was not monetized. We came up with something different, we developed our in house API based platform, which offers free wifi in restaurants (No password), against wifi users watches restaurants new offers,Ads, social login and multiple login gateway. Restaurant owners gets “Big Data”to analyze their market.

In mid of 2016 we came up with “AdoFi” which is Pakistan’s first and biggest wifi media platform.This was our main idea.We started investing on AdoFi and deployed 50 free public wifi spots on our own investment. It was tough to get mileage on wifi advertising but we never gave up, we started educating advertising agencies of Pakistan and now we are standing on 350+ Free public wifi spots working with the clients like reckitt benckiser,Microsoft Pakistan,DS motors and many others. During this span of time we hired multiple positions, moved to a big office. Currently we have headcount and 27 individuals.

Spotcomm: WiFiHow difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome?
Family pressure, we all left our jobs; survived 1 year without money, there was no education of this thing in market. Did low budgeted projects.
How we overcome we never gave up that’s it. We enjoyed the flow. Even i left my home my family thrice for multiple weeks because they were delivering some serious pressure on me to discontinue Spotcomm and join a job.

Who is your target audience?
B2B (Media houses, FMCG Brands, Production houses, Marketing agencies, event planners”

What is the USP of your startup?
Pakistan’s first and biggest WiFi media platform, 100% ad viewership guaranteed!

Can you describe a typical workday of you?
When we were a team of 5 and we all were on deployment It was a challenge to cover 3 KM radius on a free wifi for just a one day event at dreamword. We worked 3 nights and 4 days. Budget was limited we were not in a postion to hire a team on wages so we did this on our were. Results were exceptional, client is still with us and in a very good relationship.

Where do you see yourself and your startup Spotcomm in five years?
After 5 years Spotcomm will be able to provide more job, 1200 people is the target, we will be entering to remote areas for free public wifi and we will standing on upto 15000 free public wifi hotspots.

What 3 tips would you give other Start-up founders on the way?
“Never give up”
“Leave your comfort zone”
“Go with the flow”

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