solidLUUV: Hollywood in your pocket

These days almost everyone has an iPhone, GoPro or an HD-capable camera in their pocket. There is so much video footage out there but it’s shaky and difficult to watch. According to YouTube, over 300 hours of this footage is uploaded every minute. A smooth, shake-free footage transforms the way viewers accept and interact with a video and solidLUUV is that catalyst. solidLUUV is the world‘s first all-in-one stabilizer and is revolutionizing the way you film.

solidLUUV allows the user to capture all their moments, shake-free. From skating and snowboarding adventures with an action camera, recording concerts with a smartphone via periscope, to a holiday adventure with a compact camera, shakefree footage is now simple and affordable.

In the past, camera stabilizers have been bulky, expensive, difficult to setup and were only used by professional videographers. solidLUUV is the world‘s first all-in-one stabilizer that can be used by everyone to create high-quality, steady footage quickly and easily, and without any technical knowledge. Thanks to the modular setup of solidLUUV, it functions with any action camera, smartphone or compact camera.

In addition to the various cameras models up to 500g, an electronic gimbal can also be attached to solidLUUV resulting in ultraLUUV – the world‘s first 2×3-axis stabilizer. This pairing combines all the advantages of mechanical and electronic stabilization – next level stabilization! You can also detach the electronic gimbal from solidLUUV and attach it to your helmet, bike handle or stick.

Crucial to the versatility of solidLUUV is the aerodynamic and robust design. solidLUUV can be used with one hand and is lightweight and convenient for filming a variety of different sports and activities.

solidLUUV ’s innovative features help shift the focus to what matters most – having fun.

Plug & Play
The patent-pending mechanism inside solidLUUV enables you to quickly and easily adjust the counterbalance weights.

Up & Down
Turn solidLUUV 180° to discover exciting new perspectives and capture speed like never before.

Fingertip Control
solidLUUV is a one-handed camera stabilizer. You operate solidLUUV with your thumb and index finger and maintain full control of motion with every movement.

The grip’s unique structure ensures that the natural vibrations from your hand are not transmitted to solidLUUV and your camera.

The custom-made bearing produced by our partner igus GmbH, world leader in polymer ball bearings, is the heart of solidLUUV. It separates body movement from the camera and ensures maximum precision when filming.

Adjustment ring
By using the rotatable adjustment ring you can easily give solidLUUV the last tweak without changing the weight setup.

Aerodynamic design
The aerodynamic design makes solidLUUV the ideal outdoor camera stabilizer. solidLUUV‘s robust outer shell protects the inner components and adds to its durability.

Modular setup
Thanks to its modular setup you can even attach our electronic gimbal and turn solidLUUV into a revolutionary 2×3-axis stabilizer.

solidLUUV has recently been recognizied as a CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree and won the ISPO Award for Product of The Year 2015/2016. CES is the world’s largest exhibition for consumer technology and selected ultraLUUV in the category of Digital Imagaging. ISPO is the biggest sports fair and selected solidLUUV in the category of Action Sports. solidLUUV‘s functional design was also awarded by the jury of one of the most prestigious design awards, the Red Dot Design Award 2015.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign on kickstarter, LUUV is currently finalizing the product and is setting up production to prepare the release in 2016.

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