Snitch is a flying camera

Snitch is a flying camera in a ball that lets you freely take pictures and videos from the air

Please introduce yourself and your Startup Snitch to our readers!
Vlad: Hello, readers! My name is Vlad. I am the founder and CEO of the Snitch project. I am 24 years old, 21 of which I have been interested in technology. It all started with DIY kits that I used to make toy cars. Now it has all led to the creation of Snitch. Snitch is a flying camera in a ball that lets you freely take pictures and videos from the air. The main goal of Snitch is to free photography-lovers from routine, leaving only free and pleasant feelings in the pictures and video.
Michael: My name is Michael. I’m the co-founder of the Snitch project. Snitch is a compact flying gadget, that can photograph you. A super gadget that some of our early adoptersare calling a “personal photographer”.

How did you get the idea to snitch?
Vlad: One day a year ago I understood that we do not get the full experience of taking pictures and videos. For example, there is always the “one person missing from the frame” problem when one of your friends or relatives has to take the picture and doesn’t get to be in the final photo. Of course you can use old-fashioned selfie-sticks or complicated drones but they only cause other problems. I think that the process of taking pictures and videos should be as simple and efficient as possible. This is the idea that make’s Snitch possible.
Michael: I met Vlad in June, 2015 at Hackathon (at that time, as he’s about to tell you, he had 6 slides presenting the idea and nothing else). I sat in the auditorium and listened to the far-fetched ideas of student’s, participant’s and retiree’s. A few of them seemed totally unrealizable in real life, other’s seemed too modest. But then Vlad came on stage. “God damn!” I thought. This is what people need. A flying, safe drone that doesn’t need steering! I went up to Vlad after the presentation and we agreed to work on the first prototype.

How it works?
Vlad: Very simple. Say you want to take a series of pictures with a lake in the background. Then 3 simple steps stand between you and 1000 likes on Facebook.
1) Send Snitch off from your palm with a button on your smartphone
2) Choose the height you need while looking at the preview from Snitch’s camera on your smartphone
3) Take the pictures and upload the best ones to your smartphone.
Michael: It’s simply magic! Snitch is designed to stably fly in place. On your smartphone you see what Snitch sees. If you don’t like what Snitch sees, simply drag your finger across the screen and Snitch turns in the direction you want. Want a picture from a different view? A slide up and Snitch is looking down on you from a few meters!

Michael snitchHow does Snitch fly?
Vlad: This is simple too. Snitch uses something like a ventilator in its casing. Only of a smaller size and it blows downward. The ventilator creates downward thrust which propels Snitch upward.
Michael: From the first days of Hackathon we searched for an answer to that question. How to make something so small with enclosed fans take flight, and with a camera on board? Going through fourteen flying schemas since then, we decided to use a ducted fan.

Where can I buy a snitch flying camera?
Vlad: Everyone will be able to order Snitch this year. A more exact date is coming soon, after going to production.
Michael: Follow for updates. In addition to special pricing for early orders, we plan to hold a series of competitions where you’ll be able to win Snitch for free!

How difficult was the start and what challenges you had to over come?
Vlad: The biggest challenge for a startup is working in uncertain conditions in the beginning. Totally uncertain. The only thing there is in the beginning is a few hypotheses that it’s essential to test. It’s like the work of a scientist, who’s hypothesis is that inherited traits are passed through DNA. Then he does a ton of experiments, that prove or disprove the given hypothesis. When the amount of proof is large enough, the hypothesis is considered proven. Inherited traits really are passed on through DNA. Or in our situation, a startup becomes successful.
Michael: It was very complicated, but interesting. Personally for me it was a calling, to make a team. Success at this stage is dependent on how effectively communication, clear goals, roles and tasks of everyone are laid out. Having technical backgrounds, but not being future aviation professionals, we searched for people who were competent in this field. We searched for the right person, after all the right person would have experience, yet be willing to jump into the hectic environment of a startup, and work for some time simply for the idea. We did well. Now we have excellent, passionate specialists, professionals of their fields.

Whois the target audience of your product?
Vlad: This question is one of the fundamental uncertainties at the start. At the beginning we had a few hypotheses about our target audience. It became clear that our buyers would be those who:
a) Love to take pictures and videos
b) Want to get more enjoyment out of the act of taking pictures or filming, rather than have professional quality pictures and videos.
This led us to those who are taking pictures and videos on vacation. Travelers, families, groups of friend, etc.
Michael: I would say it’s everyday people who love to take pictures and have their picture taken. Truthfully. From the very beginning we designed the idea of simplicity into Snitch. Look at modern drones! All of these remotes, steering systems, exposed blades that can cause injury. What good does all this do for a traveling couple who just wants to capture their moments with famous landmarks in the background, but from a different view? We want cinematic angles to be accessible to everyone!

What`s the USP of your Startup?
Vlad: I’d like to share the USP of Snitch with you. It’s the most enjoyable way to take aerial photos and videos.
Michael: I have nothing else to add.

A typical workday?
Vlad: There’s a joke that the CEO of a startup isn’t the Chief Executive Officer but the Chief of Everything Officer. This joke isn’t far from the truth. In the course of a day I take care any and all business connected to Snitch: from the product design to handling financial statements.
Michael: Tough question, because when you work in a startup a typical workday doesn’t exist. Everyday you do something different, learn something new, think in a new way, grow in a new way. But there are typical jobs that repeat every day, for example, communicating with future users.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Vlad: CEO of the #1 Robotics Company in the World. And the most desirable product of this company is Snitch version 25.0 
Michael: I’m traveling the world and taking my pictures with Snitch, which will be a truly intelligent, personal photographer. Unbelievable angles, video in 3D and 360 degrees, the best pictures are automatically sent to friends and family and much more! The modern world is so full of opportunities it makes the heart sing! And I continue to realize these complex technologies in products that unbelievably easy to use.

What tips would you give other Startup founders on the way?
Vlad: The limits are only in your mind. Push them forward!
Michael: Find what’s most important and focus on that. Continue to search for what’s most important and stay focused in it. In other words – there should always be one central idea in your product that the rest is built around. But at the same time don’t become stuck in your own world, see what’s happening in the world, what are rivals doing, where are trends heading. Have the main idea stay, but have it relevant to the real world outside your building.

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