Sponsors Pirate’s First U.S. Event

Look out Bay Area: The Pirates Are Coming, and’s on Board

On Friday June 2nd, a boat will launch from San Francisco’ Fisherman’s Wharf with roughly 40 pirates on board. And by pirates, we mean top tier venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. This is the Pirate Summit’ first offshoot in the U.S., and is thrilled to be sponsoring.

What is Pirate Summit exactly? It all started in 2011 as a passion project of Till Ohrmann, CEO and co-founder of the Pirate series. For the last six years, entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate executives have gathered in Cologne, Germany for a “walk-the-plank” pitch party authentic networking, and a whole lot of fire (yes, they burn stuff)

This step away from stale meetups quickly caught on, and the Pirate Global Tour was launched led by Uldis Leiterts, founder of and More than 70 meetups have been held since, from Russia, to Israel, to the Baltic States.

The Pirates are now coming to the Bay, holding their first event on what else-a boat.’s CEO Jay Habib has participated in Pirate Summit in
the past, and he feels passionately about supporting an event that celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit. is also a German company that has expanded to San Francisco, so Jay saw this as a perfect match. The summits founder, Ohrmann, echoes Jay’s sentiments saying: “I am very happy to partner with, as I’ve known Jay for years now and he has been an active & loyal Pirate Summit participant and supporter.

Like Pirate’s other events, this exclusive meetup of investors and founders will be all about the creative conversations and connections that take place. After this event, Till and Uldi`s hope to continue Pirate events in the Bay Area. “It’s going to be a lot of fun combined with powerful networking,” says Till.

The question still remains-why “Pirates”? The tale lies in the entrepreneurial spirit. An entrepreneur leaves everything behind-home, family, comfort-to seek out the unknown.

They sail and find treasure, or they sail and run ashore. But either way, they sail, and they don’t look back. This spirit is what’s guided through R&D, expansion to the United States, and a recent launch to the public. imagines a world where online shopping is seamless, unified by one truly Universal Cart. “We’re so excited to finally crack this puzzle and bring a universal cart to the market,” says COO Kim Cabot

“I am very happy to partner with, as  I’ve known Jay for years now and he has been an active & loyal Pirate Summit participant and supporter.”

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