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RUHRSOURCE 3D printing prepress software: CUR3D

Please introduce yourself and your startup RUHRSOURCE to our readers!
Hi, my name is Christian Fleischmann, I am one of the three founders of RUHRSOURCE and the CMO CEO in our startup company. The other ones are Dominik Halm, CSO CEO and our brain Christopher Maiwald, CTO CEO. Currently we’ve five employers, which complement the team in perfect symbiosis.

Together we created the first real 3D printing prepress software: CUR3D (spoken: “cured”). We like to say, that CUR3D is “the Gutenberg-revolution for additive manufacturing”, because it reduces the amount of work for making a 3D model 3D-printable from many hours to a few minutes; fully automatic in seconds!

Usually most CAD data are not 3D-printable out of the box. You need to spend several hours for preparation of the 3D drawings: thin walls and overlapping surfaces must be corrected, as well as wrong normals. The filling of cavities and holes takes much time, too. And if the scaling factor also deviates from the original data, frustration is pre-programmed.
With our help you can concentrate on the essentials and CUR3D does the rest. Our slogan is: “Now it’s printable, because it’s CUR3D!”

CUR3D is licensable in many ways: annual, lifetime, “Maker Edition” (which will be released on Steam this July), volume (as annual or lifetime), for education and OEM/API for software and hardware manufacturers.

Ok – enough about CUR3D. In addition to our core business, we also offer various services in the 3D printing sector, like contract development, professional full service project assistance, consulting and training and – of course – 3D data preparation.

How did you get the idea to RUHRSOURCE?
Some years ago, Dominik, Chris an I worked in the same company in Bochum as employers. We developed and sold 2D and 3D CAD software; which is also our common denominator. And one day we thought about what will be the next big thing in CAD; where will CAD go in several years? We got to the point that additive manufacturing – or 3D printing like the Pro7 audience say – will be the future. After some research and interviewing the potential target group, we quitted our safe jobs to make our dream come true: Creating the above described software revolution, which makes everything 3D-printable, CUR3D.

How difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome?
I don’t want to say, that it was difficult in a classical way. To be an entrepreneur is more like a challenging adventure. You feel like Indiana Jones hunting for a lost treasure: You’re the only one who believes in this “treasure”. You have to deal with this and focus on your journey. Because it’s YOUR journey. Sir Terry Pratchett wrote in one of his beloved Discworld books: “Make a story out of your life or it will be part of the story of another.” What I want to say is, you must leave everything behind you, what’s in your way.

It is a very liberating experience. You grow up with every challenge, every success and every flop. For example: Each time we went to a bank (and it felt like we were at every bank on this planet) for pitching our dream to get a funding, we learned a bit more about what to say and what not to say.

Our first pitch in front of a bank employee ends with kicking us out of the side entrance. During the normal opening time! Or satisfying the Arbeitsamt. By the way: Did you know, that in Bochum the former department for self-employed unemployed people was named “Department for the self-employed and the homeless”? I could bring many more examples, but every entrepreneurs journey is different.

Who is your target audience?
Simply everyone who have to deal with 3D models, which are not 3D-printable out of the box and everyone who wants to learn everything about additive manufacturing.

What is the USP of your startup?
The team! The perfect synergy between the three areas of the competences development, marketing and sales lead to a smooth process within the company. What ultimately benefits the customer, as the innovative strength and flexibility in the team leads to more effective results.

Can you describe a typical workday of you?
My day at the office starts at 10 o’clock and goes till 19 or 20. Mostly I continue to work at home till 2 or 4 am. Primarily I do marketing stuff, but also UI design and UI UX engineering. Besides I do the project management and I am the main responsible for the hardware and software administration. This sounds like a lot of work, but I just love to do something and have variety. Yes, I’m a workaholic.

Where do you see yourself and your startup RUHRSOURCE in five years?
Since we have not only developed a software, but have planned and started a company, and have a well thought-out reseller network and multipliers, we will scale the software world-wide over the next five years. We intend to continue to grow with our service sector, especially in Germany. CUR3D will then have a very strong share of success and easier 3D printing. Virtually every industry will get touch with the 3D printing market. This means great growth opportunities for new and innovative start-ups like us. And, who knows, maybe we are developing our own CAD software.

What 3 tips would you give other Start-up founders on the way?
Believe in your dream and yourself and just do it, go on and have fun and, by the way, learn to pitch, too!

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Thank you Christian Fleischmann for the Interview

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