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Rentuu a revolutionary online rental service

Please introduce yourself and your start-up Rentuu to our readers!
I’m Andrea Guzzoni – a tech entrepreneur and CEO of Rentuu; a revolutionary online rental service which is fast becoming the go-to company for events and functions across the UK.

How did you get the idea for Rentuu?
Having previously launched a Rocket internet venture in Africa and working under large corporations, I learnt a lot about the world of business.

The idea for Rentuu came to life when I used to work in business operations at various companies and had to deal with suppliers, day-in, day-out. I quickly realised that there was no centralised way of keeping track of products, prices and supplier information whilst sourcing equipment and furniture for the business, and I ended up creating my own database on a humble spreadsheet. This ultimately became the framework of the Rentuu website and expanded from there. Since then, I’ve created a user friendly and familiar environment on the website that customers recognise and are comfortable with.

How difficult was the start and what challenges did you have to overcome?
Not having a fixed-term job is very difficult in London and, especially at the beginning when all of the responsibilities are on yourself to make a success of the business, it can be very hard. The next challenge was to find the right people who share the same vision and are ready to work hard to achieve your goals.

Now we’re off the ground however, I have a strong team supporting me and our rapid growth over the past two years is testament to the team.

Who is your target audience?
Our target audience is B2B, with our primary customer base in the operations and events teams at businesses across the UK. However, we’re also seeing a growing trend in consumers coming to us, particularly those in urban areas as storage is often limited and renting reduces that need. We have also seen a rise in consumers renting household furniture, particularly when selling a house or putting their home up to rent on sites such as Airbnb, where they don’t necessarily want their personal furniture to be used.

What is Rentuu’s USP?
Ultimately, Rentuu makes the lives of event planners and operational business teams as seamless as possible, offering an on-demand service, with the best value for the highest quality of rental products, streamlining logistics to a single intermediary touchpoint.

The service allows both suppliers and consumers to compare prices online, immediately check the availability of stock and eliminates the need for traditional renting procedures such as PDF’s and brochures.

Can you describe your typical work day?
Very busy! Typically, I’ll start my day by taking my dog for a walk and I’ll immediately start receiving calls from various countries. My day is often quite hectic, so I always plan my day the night before and aim to get the majority of tasks done before the end of each day. It’s not uncommon to find me eating almost every meal at my desk and staying late in the office.

One saving grace I’ve found is a project management tool called Redbooth. When I have so many different things going on and especially when I’m traveling a lot, this tool really helps to manage my time.

Where do you see both yourself and Rentuu in five years?
Our vision is to see Rentuu as the to go place for equipment rental worldwide. We want to be the preferred online rental partner for suppliers globally, offering complete transparency to our customers and suppliers, as well as the best industry insights thanks to our analytics, software and support.

What 3 tips would you give other start-up founders on the way?
Find a strong team who understand that a start-up is not about muesli yogurt and yoga, but an opportunity that with hard work and dedication, will achieve results.
Have clear core values. One of our core values is in Milanese dialect: “se sta mai coi man in man”, which means that there is always something to do.
Don’t give up.

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Thank you Andrea Guzzoni for the Interview

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