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Remerge – a platform to streamline the app retargeting process for app developers

Please introduce yourself and your Startup ‘Remerge’ to our readers!
My name is Pan Katsukis and I am the Co-Founder & CEO of Remerge, a platform to streamline the app retargeting process for app developers. We segment users of an app and retarget them with personalized display banners in the other apps that they are using, with real time bidding. The overall goal is to increase in-app sales significantly.

How did you get the idea for Remerge?
At the beginning of 2014 I spent 3 months in California and was looking for the next big thing in mobile advertising. Beforehand, I had been Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at madvertise, a European mobile ad network, so I already had some experience in the field. I was discussing current problems and opportunities with a number of app developers and we quickly realised we needed to look deeper into app retargeting. The main goal was to bring more automatization to the process, to increase the performance and scale that app retargeting could offer.

How fast is Remerge growing?
We raised a seed round in 2014 and Series A funding in 2015, which helped us to scale up the business. In addition to our office in Berlin, we opened an office in San Francisco in August 2015 and are looking into the Asian market this year. We are now a team of 26 highly motivated and professional people. Product-wise, we started out being able to retarget 200,000 users per second and are now at 600,000.

How does the concept work?
First, the technical setup is very easy, as app developers don’t need to integrate another SDK (Software Development Kit). We are integrated with many existing attribution providers and can be enabled via their dashboard. We are then able to segment the users in different relevant buckets, i.e. everybody who has made a purchase in the past but has been inactive for the last 7 days. We then try to find the users in the other apps that they are using (i.e. their weather app) and show them a personalized advertisement.

How difficult was it at the start and what challenges did you overcome?
The very beginning was tough. We had to find the founding team and to convince everybody to quit their actual jobs and focus on Remerge. In the end, we ended up being 5 co-founders with a great mix of talents. I would say the biggest challenge has been to keep the momentum up, especially at the beginning.

Who is the target audience of your product?
Our target audience is mainly marketing directors from all kinds of app development companies.

What is Remerge’s USP?
We’ve built up the platform from the ground for app retargeting and have completely automatized the process from data access and management to scalable buying. This results in superior scale and performance.

Can you describe a typical workday?
Getting up and looking at our dashboard to see how our customers are performing. Providing support in the areas where our customers’ results can best be improved. Evaluating product strategy, discussing company growth plans and making sure we get the resources needed for sustainable growth.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I am more focused on the present situation and trying to decide on the best options available. That defines my way towards the future.

What advice would you give other ‘fresh’ founders?
Focus on keeping the momentum. If you do something, do it 100%. Be open for support in all areas where you don’t have superior experience.

Thank you Pan Katsukis for the Interview

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