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RAWR is the Social Opinion Network which unlocks the value of opinion

Please introduce yourself and your startup RAWR to our readers!
RAWR is the Social Opinion Network which unlocks the value of opinion. It enables users to break out of their Filter Bubbles and voice their opinion as well as form, manage and share it in a structured way.

At the same time, RAWR is providing a tool for publishers which helps them to bring back the conversation into their content.
Besides heavily increasing user engagement, time on site as well as signups by implementing RAWR’s Conversation Widgets, they get structured and deep insights into the opinion of their audience.

How did you get the idea to RAWR?
RAWR was created out of a deep ideological motivation. We are observing events like Brexit or the US-Election which brought the problems of Filter Bubbles to a mainstream audience. This showed us, how the internet – the biggest opinion forming medium of all times – is filtering content, based on personal interest and opinion. Through this, people are confronted with more of the same every day, which works fine for music or e-commerce for example, but is extremely dangerous when it comes to opinion. To give you the possibility to form an opinion online we need to confront you with your so called “Anti-Charts”: opinions you don’t agree with or never thought about, as well as with all sides of a topic.

We are convinced that a platform, which offers structured and comprehensive opinion data to everyone will shape the future of opinion without any filters or bubbles.

We found a way to do this coming along with solutions for publishers. The online publishing scene is facing problems like hate speech and unstructured comment sections which force the publishers to outsource the valuable opinion of their readers to social media platforms like Facebook where they get lost in between cat videos and other unserious content.
RAWR’s Conversation Widgets are solving these issues by automatically being implemented in the best fitting articles of the publishers and easy adapting to their daily publishing flow.
We were lucky to have Zeit Online on board quite early and enjoy their valuable feedback to find the best and easiest solutions for all our publishers.

How difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome?
I would say the biggest challenge we had to overcome was finding a business model which works in an area that is currently facing many problems by itself. But I think we did a good job in combining our vision with services for publishers which are solving many of the problems they are confronted with.

Who is your target audience?
As already mentioned our main audience at the moment are publishers. They are the biggest deliverers of opinion and play a big role in our vision.

On the other side, there are of course the readers, which means everybody. Media consumers who want to voice their opinion and get informed about the opinions of the world.

What is the USP of your startup?
First of all: Of course the team!  We are very lucky to have a strong diverse crew which combines great knowledge with a strong belief in the product and our company.

On the product side of things our USP lies in the user generated content we provide to the publishers as well as our technology which allows us to implement our Conversation Widgets automatically in the best fitting articles of our customers. Through that, we can provide our publishers deep insights not only in the opinion of their readers but also in their impact over time and across several publications.

Can you describe a typical workday of you?
RAWR was founded in a small town in the Austrian mountains. Due to this, a workday starts with a ride through the most wonderful nature. How can you not be refreshed and motivated to create something big after such a way to work?
Most important: the dailies on the rooftop. We are really strict with our dailies since we think it is super important to keep everyone up to date and at the same time get away from your computer and help your teammates in things they might be stuck in.
Except from the dailies and meetings, a RAWR day is concentrated and fun! And if there is no nightshift we might climb up the mountain behind our office and let the day end with a good Austrian Radler and a sunset! Romantic Startup Life!

Nevertheless, we are now looking forward to exciting and intense 6 months in Hamburg at the Next Media Accelerator. Enjoying their network & knowledge, the other Startups and this beautiful city!

Where do you see yourself and your startup RAWR in five years?
In 5 years RAWR will be a core part of the world’s democracy system!

What 3 tips would you give other Start-up founders on the way?
1. Prioritize and take your time! Having a Startup means loads of work for everyone. What I learned: There are days (every day) where you are drowning in incoming tasks and you just don’t know where to start. I started structuring my day really strict and this helped me to survive in this task jungle until now.

2. Find a good synergy between big visions and business models. I think a big vision is the greatest motivator. Set yourself milestones on your way to this vision and keep them in mind when there are times where you feel frustrated and lost.

3. Be confident! You will always meet people who doubt your project. See these people as a challenge and find a way how to convince them. Best pitching exercise!  And if you can’t convince them: even a greater motivator to make something big out of your company!

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