Qabel is coming to the CeBIT

Qabel – the first all-in-one solution for encryption is coming to the CeBIT

The cryptography platform Qabel will be presented at the CeBIT on 16 March. The declared goal is to return control of all digital communication to users. Qabel helps to reconquer lost privacy and provides people who are not cryptography experts easy to use tools which they can also use and want.

End-to-end encryption makes data exchange more secure and protects privacy. The platform approach from Qabel shall establish end-to-end encryption as a complete cross-application solution and make encryption user-friendly and suitable for mass use.

Peter Leppelt, CEO of Qabel GmbH: “After the Snowden revelations a brief murmur went around the world – but also nothing more. Tools for encryption seem too unusable. To this day a normal person does not have any operable possibility to effectively encrypt their communication and their data, let alone to keep their metadata under control. Qabel is not a new product, not a new Cloud or the 20th “secure” instant messaging app. Qabel is a cross-application platform instead of an application-oriented platform, which anyone can freely use and further develop. The goal is that encryption and metadata obfuscation will become the rule and not remain the exception. It is about our democracy, our damned freedom.”

Encryption becomes easier

The special feature: Qabel is designed as a platform. Where others retroactively install encryption in existing services such as Cloud, e-Mail or Messenger, Qabel does it entirely the other way round: the platform encrypts everything that is connected with it end-to-end, including Messenger, e-mail, industrial applications and individual solutions. Users only have to take care of encryption once across application. Then they can exchange data that is encrypted end-to-end within the applications connected to the platform.

Qabel GmbH proves that this functions with the first in-house service called Qabel Box, an online storage service that is due to be launched in a beta version on 16 March 2016 within the framework of the Global Conferences of the CeBIT. Android mobile and Windows desktop users therefore have a free alternative to Dropbox and other services, and can store and share end-to-end encrypted data in the Cloud.

The first phase of Qabel Box serves as a field test for the development of metadata obfuscation. Many metadata will already be avoided with the first version. But the platform’s declared goal is to comprehensively obfuscate accumulating metadata.

Open for developers to resellers

But Qabel certainly does not want to be a service developer. On the contrary, Qabel sees itself as a vital ecosystem for cooperation partners on all levels. From providers to technology partners, open-source developers, licensees or resellers – Qabel intends to upgrade the security level of the entire Internet and is inviting everyone to take part. This decentral approach is another unique selling point. Qabel users from various entities can communicate with each other and exchange data. Qabel cooperation partners can entirely focus on their core business, while end customer data and one’s mown corporate data are protected against unauthorised access. In the next step Qabel will be prepared for use in companies, whereby the focus is on expanding the range of functions around services such as Messenger and e-Mail, among other things.

Well-known partners  startup financing amounting to millions

Qabel’s economic potential is highly rated. Last September the project was financed with a seven-digit amount in euros. Qabel already has pilot customers on board with well-known companies such as SYNAXON AG (with its brands PC-SPEZIALIST, MICROTREND, AKCENT and iTeam), Konica Business Solutions Europe and hannover innovation fonds GmbH. This is a clear indication for the still so young industrial sector privacy and online security.

Source: Qabel GmbH

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