Motivation and endurance are certainly the nuts and bolts of a start-up

Prommpt Project Management Monitoring and Planning Tool

Please introduce yourself and your startup Prommpt to our readers!
Prommpt stands for ‘Project Management Monitoring and Planning Tool’ and is a start-up that as the name implies focuses on project management activities as its core function. Prommpt helps the users to plan projects in accordance with internationally recognized standards and then enables them to monitor this project plan without any effort in a SaaS-based solution.

Project management is always a team effort and without efficient collaboration and communication, a project is doomed to fail. That’s why Prommpt has a powerful SaaS backend, which greatly simplifies team and customer collaboration. This is especially helpful when the project team is a remote working or ad-hoc group with individual members sitting in different locations.

In order to ensure a sound and comprehensive planning base for management, Prommpt features a ‘Project Health Check’ with which the maturity of the planning can be assessed and tracked. This enables the team to focus and direct their attention to the critical aspects of the project where further attention may be required.

An important feature for senior management or those with multiple ongoing projects is that projects can be grouped into portfolios, allowing a quick overview of activities by grouping such as region, country, client, focus, business unit, etc.

Prommpt brings all project processes to a central and synchronized SaaS platform.

For example, if the time schedule of a project is usually planned with MS Project or Primavera, this need not be changed and may continue that way. This is often done by a dedicated planner anyway. The planning results however are then inserted and maintained in Prommpt and shared. For many of our users, Prommpt eliminates the need for other programs, especially if they already have experience with similar projects.

How did you get the idea for Prommpt?
Necessity if the mother of invention.
The founders of Prommpt have many years of experience in the delivery of large-scale and major international projects in the construction industry and have always found it frustrating that projects, regardless of their size, are burdened with a great deal of confusing “paperwork”. The most common tool for most processes is a spreadsheet. The decision to develop a tool of its own was triggered during the implementation of a large, highly diversified and international infrastructure project in the north of Mozambique.

The project required a functioning project management framework that allowed focus on the essential project data from the start. The difficulty was that the sites were vastly dispersed and far away from the different client entities. The idea for Prommpt was born as a tool to focus on the essentials and synchronise in real-time between participants.

What vision is behind Prommpt?
Reduce to the max! Meaning to focus on the essential core processes in project management. The key performance indicators and project data are always up-to-date between the participants and thus a common decision-making and communication basis for true collaboration is created. The important thing in projects is to keep an overall view and not be distracted by trivialities.

This makes Prommpt a very powerful tool for all the decision-makers involved, such as clients, users and members of the project team.

From the idea to the start, what have been the biggest challenges so far and how did you finance yourself?
Ensuring and securing the initial funding is certainly one of our biggest challenges since we’re doing it all through bootstrapping. Another big challenge, as for most startups, is the generation of enough early adopters to reach a critical mass. The fact that the industry acclaimed WYG International PLC is using Prommpt for monitoring projects is a great milestone. The investment from the Venture Caps firm M-VC Europe Ltd. in Prommpt is another great achievement. This enabled us to grow so far to ten people, all of whom are highly motivated to bring Prommpt to fruition.

Who is the target audience of Prommpt?
Users collaborating in international, cross-company, or virtual ad-hoc teams or in ever changing professional constellations where project management tools are needed, but not easily available due to enterprise battery limits or other challenges. At this point a SaaS solution allows our customers to organize and instantly establish a reliable and compliant project management environment without investment in IT or complex process integrations among participants. With our SaaS solution, company boundaries are lifted.

What service do you offer?
Prommpt is a SaaS application for the iPad with a highly scalable backend. In addition, there is an enterprise version for corporate customers that can be branded and tailored. A full web application of Prommpt is planned to be released in Q4 of 2018. We also offer our customers the necessary user access to Prommpt via our cloud servers for the duration of the project alone.

The Prommpt systems are maintained around the clock and there are introductory training sessions and support services.

What advantages does Prommpt offer?
Prommpt has a big advantage that users can create ad-hoc project teams that allow immediate collaboration. Everyone involved can plan and make decisions based on the same level of knowledge. In addition, no investment in your own IT or infrastructure is needed. Prommpt allows efficient work in project management aligned to internationally recognized standards and scales according to requirements in terms of projects, user numbers and portfolios. By using Prommpt, important project communication is streamlined and reporting to third parties made ‘dead-simple’: If you want to submit the project status, you simply press a button and a nicely laid-out report is emailed as a PDF.

What differentiates you from other providers?
Many of the other tools have been created with a focus on sub-activities and are usually too detailed for pragmatic and successful project control. Prommpt provides the overviews of the necessary data for compliant project management in one application, without having to modify any of the existing processes. We do not see ourselves as a competitor, but as a supplement to the established systems. Prommpt simply summarizes the most important data and thus provides the central communication and collaboration environment for successful project execution.

In addition, if required, customers can use the Prommpt API to connect Prommpt to their systems.

Prommpt, where is the road going? Where do you see yourself in five years?
We want to become the leading provider of the most comprehensive and efficient SaaS project management solution. We want to bring Prommpt to multiple platforms and build additional features such as smart contracting, automated audits, project KPI alerts, etc. In everything we do the focus is always on providing the best possible project management solution to distributed teams, so we will also find our marketplace as a communication platform for teams, offering video team meetings, group calls and chats.

Finally, what 3 tips would you give aspiring founders?
From personal experience, we can say that motivation and endurance are certainly the nuts and bolts of a start-up, as is working with partners who share the vision and motivate each other.

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