PriceCon – Pricing Conference for Startups and Businesses

PriceCon, a pricing conference exclusively for startups and businesses

PriceCon, the first of its kind conference on pricing for startups and businesses, will be held in Bonn on June 29th. The conference aims to tap into the topic of pricing but from a different perspective. Most pricing conferences underline the topic of pricing as a considerable area of interest for marketing and sales executives. PriceCon, however, is looking to change that perspective.

Cedric Teichmann, founder of PriceCon, said “We wanted to include startups as a part of our discussion on pricing via PriceCon because what happens often is that the topic of pricing is treated as an afterthought. I have had the opportunity to speak with a lot of startup founders and based on my conversations, I realised that pricing is an issue that is not often discussed.

Startups seeking to increase their revenue often face pressing questions such as – have I priced my product or service appropriately? Will the customers be willing to pay a certain price? Would I risk losing customers switching from a freemium to a premium pricing model? Given the nature of these questions, you realise that pricing is not just mathematics but also relies extensively on psychology and communication. Once you discover the perfect price a customer is willing to pay for the value of your product or service, you’ve hit the sweet spot. And through PriceCon, we want to help startups and businesses understand the semantics behind making the most important business decision they possibly could”.

PriceCon aims to provide startups, businesses, and entrepreneurs a thorough insight into pricing strategies, pricing models, and how to leverage the concept of pricing itself to have a successful business. 15 International speakers including 9 startups and business leaders along with pricing experts have been invited to the conference to share their insights on pricing. PriceCon also includes insightful workshops focusing on a range of pricing related topics such as behavioral pricing, value added pricing, digital pricing and more.

The conference also features a line of partners and sponsors with the host partner as Deutsche Telekom and sponsoring partners being: High Tech Gründerfonds, Hub:raum, DWNRW as well as the Office for Economic Development of Bonn. Other notable partners include Kickstart Accelerator, Web De Cologne, Startplatz Cologne, Headquarters Cologne, betahaus, Startup Valley, Diversity Natives, Silicon Luxembourg, Venture Capital Magazine, Für-Gründer, Social Gekko and some more.

PriceCon will be held on June 29th marking the first startup conference happening in Bonn. Tickets are priced at 99 Euros for startups and 299 Euros for Corporates and Investors. PriceCon aims to develop close collaboration between the corporate partners, investors and the startups. The conference is to be seen as part of an expanding ecosystem growing in Bonn and the greater Rhine region. It’s part of many initiatives supporting startups and driving innovation and digitization.

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