Never forget your routes and where you started from.

PixelPoint Group is a Digital Agency that specialises in Video Production and Social Media Management

Please introduce yourself and your Startup PixelPoint Group to our readers!
About Myself:
I’m one of the UK’s Youngest Entrepreneurs to establish a Limited & VAT registered business. At an early age, I always had a strong passion for being #digital and running businesses with countless ventures. By the age of 15, I landed my most recognisable and first commissioned video project with multinational Coffee Company Starbucks. My love and passion for video drove me to create a business around my passion. Two years down the road, and a lot of Coffee later, PixelPoint Group now consist of a strong team of 15 videographers, 15 editors, 5 graphics designers, 5 account managers and 5 business developers. PixelPoint Group has produced digital advertising campaigns for SME’s to Multinationals from London Based Startup Parcelly to Multinationals such as LG Electronics. I lead the team from his shared office in Camden and work every day on the commute between meetings and school, in school and at home.
This has lead me to grow the business to be acquired by a Global Digital Advertiser at the age of 17, this would allow me to easily retire at the age of 17. Sadly not possible as I have to work a minimum of 3 years till we get acquired by one of the Big 4 Advertisers and work another minimum of 3 years… then sweet retirement. As I continue to grow in creating the Future of Digital Marketing, I hopes to continue to spread messages about young people in business and inspire; as well as that start movements to help make being a Young Entrepreneur easier by changing regulation and laws surrounding it as well as causing a change on how the world’s businesses market.

About PixelPoint:
PixelPoint Group is a Digital Agency that specialises in Video Production and Social Media Management. We’re on a mission to become the worlds leading Digital Agency for Challenger Brands. As we believe in a world with more Davids and fewer Goliaths. We aim to become the Uber of Digital Advertising; through creating a team across the UK and the World. This allows us to operate and produce content across the world.
We are storytellers who just want to tell a great story through digital campaigns.

How did you get the idea to PixelPoint Group?
The idea for PixelPoint Group wasn’t one that just popped out of the hat one morning. PixelPoint was a two years piece of work of constant adaption from a base of myself just wanting to produce films. One of my major talking points in most of the speeches I do is to, “Find Your Passion & Try Monetise Your Passion”. When I was 15 I loved making films both for school homework and small projects out of my own wallet. I then knew what I wanted to do in the future and wondered… how would I make money out of this?
I then took my passion and applied to every corporate CSR project to try get sponsorship for a project. It worked and my first client was the multinational Starbucks. I then went on to be an Ambassador for LG and then produced a film using the LG G4; it went so well it was played on one of their Advertising Screens in Piccadilly Circus. The word spread meaning that a lot of companies wanted to produce videos and PixelPoint Group was born. PixelPoint has adapted to not just be another video production company to add to the supply but to be a Global Power in the Digital Advertising market. This is through creating a strong in-house team that is matched with a global team to get the best product for our clients. This has allowed us to grow the company to a team of 30 in less the 2 years and have grown the company to be worth in the millions, and the ability to get the acquire the company 2 years in.

How difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome?
Being 15 at the time meant that starting the business was a very big challenge. We know young entrepreneurs by their great success that they acclaim at a young age but they only take credit for their success, but the amount of hurdles we had to jump over would have made us Olympic hurdlers by now. First when starting the lack of start-up capital and limited knowledge in seeking seed money or investment meant a slowly staggered start, but we wanted to turn our passions into a reality is what we did for every day since October 2015. Government rules and regulation still prevents me from opening a Corporate Bank Account even when I’m the UK’s Youngest Director of a Limited & VAT Registered Company. As well as this due to the amount of money we turnover means that most Banks would close our Child Accounts due to further Government Regulation (luckily Lloyds has been very reasonable and are letting us stay on till I turn 18 in April and can over one); Barclays & Santander closed over 5 banks accounts together. Last but not least when we started out us being so young and now having any experience or portfolio meant we weren’t taken seriously at all.
However, times have changed and if we didn’t jump over those hurdles would have meant that we would have still been stuck at the start line and not where we are now. We are 17-year-olds, who employ 30 people, have worked with companies as big as Audi and Oculus, an executive team that has spoken at world class events and 17 years olds who are chauffeured around in S-Classes… these are perks that Executive Double and Triple our age receive.

Who is your target audience?
PixelPoint Group is a B2B business model that provides Digital Advertising Services to businesses. This therefore means that our target audiences are SME’s to Multinationals who have the aim to go into the future of advertising through making better digital advertising campaigns.

What is the USP of your startup?
The USP of PixelPoint Group is that we are the only #digital agency to have a truly global team. This allows us to create digital campaigns with great efficiency, creativity and competitive prices. We’re on a mission to become the worlds leading Digital Agency for Challenger Brands. As we believe in a world with more Davids and fewer Goliaths.

Can you describe a typical workday of you?
By law I still have to be in full-time education so days that I have school are very different to the days I don’t have school. Solet me give you two typical days, one that is a school day and one that is a day off from school.
School Day:
I have an early wake up at 5am, have breakfast while watching some Netflix while checking the dynamics of the business (emails, calendar e.t.c.). At 6am, change to the TV and watch BBC Breakfast get the news digest, head to freshen up for the day, get dressed and out the door at 7am for my driver to pick me up. Schools a distance away so 1 hour later arrive at school. Luckily we have 5 lessons in a day and dependent on the day have free periods where you go to the library to do some revision, in my case get busy and check up on my emails and get to work with my business. I tend to run my business from my MacBook, iPad, iPhone and Apple watch and normally in lessons and free periods. School finishes at about 3:15pm, this is where I spring into action and get down to work. One of my private hire cars (Land Rover, 7 Series or S-Class) comes in school or nearby and normally creates a gathering of the younger year students just trying to find out who’s car it is. I then get driven to work while I listen to a combination of friend’s Spotify playlist (Rap and R&B Bangers by Samuel.Ade & Chilled Vibes by Nathan Chelliah) and get some more emails done and check on what my schedule is. I then attend meeting after meeting around London and then head to the office to wrap up some interviews, hire a few people and then head home at about 8:30pm. Get home, have dinner, watch a bit of TV and then head to sleep till it resets for the next day.

Normal Day:
Wake up about 8am, freshen up for the day and then get picked up about 9am. I then head to the office for about 10am, while checking emails and calendar. Normally Amy my PA would email me the days meetings and I would delve straight into them, client meetings to investor relations to interviewing. I try to go out for lunch with the team 1pm and then continue with the hectic schedule that is being an entrepreneur and then wrap up in the office about 9pm and head home with a bit of takeaway. Cool down by watching a bit of tv while eating and then head to bed.

Where do you see yourself and your startup PixelPoint in five years?
One year away from retirement for me, and starting a non-for-profit. For PixelPoint would be acquired by a Digital Advertising Agency in March 2017 and then the company that acquired us to be acquired by one of the big 4 advertising agencies; is the current plan we have with the agency we are being acquired by. This will allow me to very soon be one of the youngest executives at the big 4.

What 3 tips would you give other Start-up founders on the way?
Never forget your routes and where you started from. But always remember that the most important part is to always follow your passion not the money. As the only way you do great things is to do what you love.

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