Chose the people of your team very carefully, like Tarantino choose the actors in his movies

PaperSoil: The first gardening jar that employ recycled paper

Please introduce yourself and PaperSoil to our readers?
PaperSoil is the first gardening jar that employ recycled paper to replace the traditional soil of jar plants, and by doing so saving trees, water and energy. Produced by CheeringTech, a Chinese innovative tech company committed to care for the environment, this little outside-the-box gardening concept will give you the jar garden of your dreams. With PaperSoil, you can transform the traditional wide mouth jar plants in a colorful, lushy teaparty of glass dwarves!
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How did you get the idea of PaperSoil?
When considering the idea of make a deco product, we notice that many of the centerpieces and flowerpots in the market used gel of water beads of different colors. Well, it looks so colorful and stuff, but you cannot grow a plant in there, one of the members of our team notice. How to have a beautiful, rainbow-like colored flowerpot and at the same time be able to grown a plant on it? The traditional soil for growing plants is something that you cannot dye, and besides, to dirty. But paper, recycled paper… That was basically the origin of Papersoil.

How difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome?
Probably the biggest challenge that we have faced is that of get inside international markets. You must to be clever, but at the same time be very, very open minded for understand how marketing works indifferent cultures. Nowdays, a lot of people think of themselves that they are unbiased and open minded. Well, when it comes to marketing and find new markets overseas, you discover that being unbiased is very difficult. You have preconceptions about what people want, that sort of thinks they like, and then you discover that that doesn’t work. I don’t mean that people are complicated or difficult to understand. What I mean is that what is really difficult is just open yourself to perceive what they really like, and not to see just what you want to see.

Who is your target audience?
Everyone who has a green thumb, love plants, deco, or just want to add color to her house or office.

What is the USP of your startup?
The first gardening jar that employ recycled paper

Can you describe a typical workday of you?
Usually we do the office work (reply emails, contact customers, etc.) during the morning (8:00-12:00). During the afternoon we usually a reunion where we discuss how things are going, problems, new products, that sort of stuff.

Where do you see yourself and PaperSoil in five years?
We expect to become in a famous, respected Chinese company overseas, with a solid reputation on providing good quality products.

What 3 tips would will give other start-up founders on the way?
Well, we are a Chinese start-up company, and things work a little bit different in China. Still, I would offer the following tips to anyone who what to start a company:

1) Chose the people of your team very carefully, like Tarantino choose the actors in his movies. They are essential.
2) Innovative ideas are important, but how to sell them is more important.
3) If you don’t give up. you still have a chance. (Ma Yun).

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