Pangea Sun Notebook: Innovative, social, green

The world starts being modular with the Pangea Sun Notebook

The Berlin-based startup Pangea Electronics are developing a modular notebook that can do everything that is expected from a notebook.
And even more: Due to its modular construction, individual parts can be replaced, which protects our environment, your wallet and resources.

Worldwide 20 to 50 million tons of electronic waste are disposed every year. “This represents an ever greater strain on our environment, which we want to counteract with our modular Notebook” says Cenk Toprak, software engineer and CEO of the startup.
Computers and laptops that become too slow are often replaced by new ones. In case of defects, such as screens or keyboards, the repair is often not worthwhile because of the high costs.
The consequences: The unit ends up as electronic waste. That’s where Pangea Electronics comes into play: “If the coffee mug falls over and something seeps into the keyboard, then the current notebooks are often no longer usable. In the case of “Pangea Sun”, due to the modular construction, the keyboard is easy to clean and if necessary replaced – the notebook is again ready for use”explains Hungi, Founder.

Of course, all the other components of the notebook are also interchangeable. If the notebook gets old and is no longer fast enough for the user, the corresponding module is simply replaced. Thus Pangea Electronics contributes to the improvement of the environment, because the notebook does not end up as electronic waste.

“Our notebook provides an alternative to the conventional notebooks that targets any person who wants to use their notebook for everyday tasks and more demanding tasks. Even for programmers and entry-level gamers, the notebook will be suitable, “says Yu, Founder.

The four computer scientists who have been friends since their studies have already initiated several social projects. So it is not surprising that they want to shift production of the notebook incrementally to Guinea/Africa. “A sustainable IT economy should be established there,” said Bangoura, Founder.

The guys go one step further: “The project will be open source and open hardware and it will give ambitious users the opportunity to develop the notebook according to their needs”.

Source Pangea Electronics UG

Sabine Elsässer

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