Stay focused, don’t lose your vision, keep your eyes on the bigger picture

Pagescreen provide a smart way to ​monitor web pages for changes​

Please introduce yourself and your startup Pagescreen to our readers!
Hi! I’m Wilfried Durand, CEO and Product Owner at ​Pagescreen​. Pagescreen is one of the tools we developed at Onvey, a UX hub I founded with Paul Leprévost a little bit over a year ago. Paul and I are both French-born, product builders and entrepreneurs with a long history of collaboration with each other. With Onvey, we are building SaaS companies dedicated to product and marketing teams that want to monitor and improve their services’ user experience. Pagescreen is the first of several SaaS companies that contributes to the Onvey vision our team is so passionate about. Pagescreen is a user-friendly platform that captures and archives visual copies of web pages. Our screenshot automation & change detection technologies provide a smart way to ​monitor web pages for changes​ and build webpage screenshot archives of your domain or others. Pagescreen’s own state-of-the-art user experience makes it very simple for anyone to monitor their competitors’ websites, grow their digital profile over time and collect intelligence about decision-making.

How did you get the idea for Pagescreen?
In early 2017, Pagescreen was born out of a simple need – my Onvey cofounder, Paul, and I were searching for an easy way to facilitate the monitoring of any website’s visual changes. In both our experiences as entrepreneurs in the digital space, we have struggled to automate the monitoring of our own websites’ look & feel after each iteration. At the same time, we often had occasion to follow our competitors’ moves on the market in terms of their own web presence. The basic prototype we made to satisfy our needs was the basis of Pagescreen’s technology of website capture. We realized that, with a few tweaks, it could solve both our pains at once. In

fact, we came to the conclusion that if we were experiencing this need every time we worked on a project with an online presence, then other people are probably going through this as well. That is why we decided to make our tool available to anyone who needed it. And so, Pagescreen as we know it today, was born.

How difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome?
Since my-cofounder, Paul, and I had worked together before (particularly on my previous venture Mailjet where I was COO and Paul, CPO) we did not have to deal with pains in communication or misalignment in our working styles. We shared the same vision and agreed to experiment together as we executed.

Since we both have technical abilities, getting a MVP off the ground wasn’t any trouble. We had the great fortune of meeting Kristian, who is a key contributor to Pagescreen’s dashboard design and user experience, at exactly the right time. He built a simple user interface that was a pleasure to use and, when we launched Pagescreen on Product Hunt 6 months ago, this was clearly recognized by our potential customers.

Who is your target audience?
Pagescreen is used by a wide range of professionals. Many of our customers are small business owners who manage their web presence on a daily basis and want to keep an archive of visual changes that have been implemented. We also work with digital agencies, internal marketing and business development teams within larger enterprises who are keeping an eye on the websites of their clients, competitors and/or their partner businesses.

What is the USP of your startup?
The Pagescreen dashboard and alerting system optimizes time and provides valuable competitor insights through a simple, yet powerful user experience. Most other tools on the market are antiquated in design and not user-friendly. Others are unclear or simply not powerful enough. Pagescreen hits the soft spot between usability and functionality. It is also flexible enough to satisfy the needs of various unique use cases.

Can you describe a typical workday of you?
Our team operates between Sofia and Paris. Our co-founder, Paul, manages the product and builds vital links for opportunities in France. Our product designer, Kristian, and myself work side by side from our private office at Puzl, recently awarded “best CowOrKing Space in Central Europe”, from which we also conduct marketing activities.
Want to visit? We’d love that.

On a daily basis, our team liaises with “Pagescreeners” with suggestions for features, questions regarding their particular requirements or comments about a recent update. One thing you should know about us – we’re always keen to talk to our users. In fact, we do it every day. Our team is available to all users of Pagescreen via live chat or from our ​feedback management widget​. Often, a chat or suggestion becomes a user interview over the phone or a collaboration for a case study. In the case of user requests we have clarified, we aim to satisfy them within the same week, or sometimes, even day. We put our users first.

Among each other, we are always in collaboration. We make decisions quickly and collectively. I work closely with Kristian when it comes to design for new features. Paul shares news from progress on his front on a daily basis with the team in Sofia and visits the Bulgarian office at least every 8 weeks. We are always in touch and working together daily to propel Pagescreen’s growth forward.

Where do you see yourself and your startup Pagescreen in five years?
Within the next five years, the Onvey vision will be ever closer to fruition. Onvey will comprise of several SaaS tools that will represent an essential suite for product owners. Pagescreen will be a reliable core offering that any web-based business can use to monitor and test the performance of their digital portals or those of their competitors. In combination with the other tools in the Onvey arsenal, Pagescreen will represent a vital asset in the toolbox of any business that operates in a dynamic digital market. We are well on our way down this path. In five years, what we are already seeing take place will, hopefully, have culminated in the dominance of the Onvey product owner suite.

What 3 tips would you give other Start-up founders on the way?
Stay focused, don’t lose your vision, keep your eyes on the bigger picture. Step by step you’ll get there, as long as something new happens every day.
Work with people you can trust and with whom you can share your passion. Our team’s history working together and mutual respect for each other allows us to bypass many unnecessary squabbles and, instead, focus on moving forward together.
Celebrate every victory with the team! Get out, have fun and share some rewards.
If you’re in the same boat as many founders and want to track changes on your website and keep an eye on your competitors – ​get set up for free in minutes with Pagescreen​! It’ll save you hours tracking down your competition’s last move on the web!

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