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Sabine Elsässer
Sabine Elsässer is founder and chief editor of the StartupValleyNews Magazine. She started her career at several international direct sale companys. Since 2007 she works main time as a journalist. While that time she learned more about the Startup Scene, what made her start her own Startup Magazine the StartupValleyNews.

Packhelp design and order individual packaging

Introduce yourself and the Startup Packhelp to our readers!
My name is Konrad, CMO and Co-Founder of Packhelp. I’m an entrepreneur with 5+ years of experience in business development, digital marketing, and management. I’ve co-founded three companies so far, although Packhelp is my main focus.

At Packhelp we make it super easy for anyone to offer unforgettable unboxing experiences by designing and ordering their own fully custom-branded packaging in an intuitive online editor. Our main USPs are: low minimum order quantities, fast turnaround and process automation – you don’t need to be a designer or print specialist, we make the whole process easy and seamless.

Why did you decide to found a company?
Before Packhelp, we used to run a software house with other co-founders. One of our customers asked us to order custom boxes, as a part of mobile app launch campaign. After couple of days, we realized that it’s a huge pain in the ass. The only way to contact with printing houses is old school e-mail (or sometimes even a fax!!), and you have to wait 2-3 days for their reply. They don’t want to talk with you when you order less then 1000 pieces and basically they are making everything harder and complicated – they require you to know professional vocabulary and be a printing specialist / designer / decision maker in one person.

We’ve decided to change that, nowadays everything can be easy and simple – as ordering an Uber ride via your smartphone. That’s s how we decided to tackle this problem and disrupt the way of ordering customized packaging.

What is the vision behind Packhelp?
At Packhelp we’re on a mission to simplify the custom packaging ordering process. When you observe unboxing trends in social media, packaging is becoming the 5th part of marketing 4Ps. It’s the only touchpoint that can reach 100% of your customers. And we want to make it more available for small and medium size companies

From the idea to the start what were the biggest challenges until now and how did you finance yourself?
We had to build the team and go deeper into the printing processes, it took awhile to redesign some of them in order to offer low minimum order quantities. We also had to put a lot of time in creating our online app, to make it easy and intuitive even for totally inexperienced users. In the beginning, we were bootstrapping and 6 months after launch we’ve closed our pre-seed angel round.

Who is Packhelp’s target group?
Everyone who needs packaging! Mostly small and medium sized eCommerce companies, but also retailers, marketing departments, creative agencies, PR companies, HR managers or even restaurants. When we launched Packhelp, we used to offer only one product category – boxes. Now we’re also producing envelopes, paper bags, poly mailers and many more. Each product in our offer is meeting the needs of another target groups.

What’s important, we’re a B2B company.

How does Packhelp work? What are the advantages?
Packhelp enables anyone to design perfect packaging within minutes. You go on our website, choose a packaging type and the size you want. You can easily start designing your boxes in our 3D editor and put your logo and maybe some colours or patterns on the box and that’s it.

If you need to make sure your products will fit into your box, you can use our augmented reality app that visualizes your box in exact measures. All you need is our app and a flat surface.

Our customers can order small quantities and they save on personalisation costs for graphic design as our software enables them to design amazing packaging themselves. Our flexible pricing and the range of materials, sizes and finishings helps our customers to find perfect solutions.

How is the feedback?
The feedback of our customers is very positive because with Packhelp they can utilise their packaging as a direct and physical marketing channel with their end customers. The packaging is part of the extended product and with our service we make it extremely easy for customers to transfer their brand identity to the product and shipping packaging. They appreciate the possibility to order small quantities and the fact that we constantly extend our product range.

Packhelp, where does it go? Where do you see yourself in five years?
This is a very strategic question, and I don’t want to be specific about that. Basically our main goal is to become a very bold custom packaging brand in Europe, but the final direction depends on many different factors.

You will definitely hear more about us!

Finally: What 3 tips would you give to prospective founders?
Stop thinking, start doing. If you have nothing to lose, no kids yet, no huge loans – go for it, now is the time!
Don’t wait too long with releasing your MVP, let people judge it! Just make it work properly and offer your main USPs. If couple of months after launch you’re not ashamed of your MVP – it means that you’d released it too late!
Being a founder and entrepreneur is not always easy and rewarding, sometimes you work double full time, but building your own venture is totally worth it!

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Thank you Konrad for the Interview

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