Otto Wilde Grillers is setting new grilling benchmarks with 1500°F gas grill for the perfect steak

“There is ain’t no steak like Ottos” – under this motto, the German startup Otto Wilde Grillers aims to bring together American BBQ passion and German engineering.

The Otto Wilde Grillers have a big vision

They want to set new grilling benchmarks and thereby stir up the grill and BBQ market with a series of
game-changing specialty grills made in Germany. By focusing on uncompromising functionality, convenience and product design, they want to stand out from the monotony in the BBQ business.

The aim of their first mission “The perfect Steak” is to bring prime steakhouse quality to people’s private homes. Hence, they built Otto’s O.F.B.
(Over-Fired Broiler), an infrared gas grill that reaches temperatures of up to 1500°F. Such high temperatures are necessary for getting a steak a nice crust from the outside (the process behind this is called Maillard reaction) while it remains tender and moist from the inside.

Otto’s O.F.B. uses the same technology as broilers in prime US steak houses and produces results that are difficult to replicate with any other conventional charcoal or propane grill, let alone a regular pan. After only 3 minutes of pre-heating, Otto’s O.F.B. is ready to produce unprecedented steak joy. The heat is emitted from the top – this makes sure that the steak is evenly cooked and the heat distribution is not disturbed by dripping meat juices and fat. Otto’s O.F.B. combines classy design and maximum functionality and is a high-quality product made in Germany.

Otto Wilde Grillers is a family business

With their vision to enable everyone to grill the perfect steak at home, the founders Alex, Nils and Julia asked the engineer Otto, who is Nils’s father and Julia’s father in law, for technical advice. Their idea quickly became reality when Otto built a first prototype. With this first prototype, the Otto Wilde Grillers launched a four week international Kickstarter campaign in April 2016, where they more than tripled their campaign goal within just four weeks and raised over $350k.

Since November 2016, more than 1500 grills have been shipped throughout Europe and since June 2017 also to the US. But that is not all: Otto’s O.F.B. is only the first product in a planned series of German made specialty grills they want to bring on the American market.

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Source Otto Wilde Grillers GmbH