Open Data Incubator for Europe: Green City Solutions has been chosen

Open Data Incubator for Europe (ODINE) call: Green City Solutions has been chosen as the first German start-up to participate in the incubation program.

The German company was one of six applicants chosen out of more than 120 entries from across Europe during the 3rd round of the accelerator. Their product, the “CityTree”, is a free-standing vertical plant display, which has the ability to target and reduce air pollution, such as fine dust and nitrous oxides, 275 times more efficiently than a normal urban tree. The own developed IoT-Technology also collects data of the climatic conditions which can be expanded to data of air quality in the cities.

The Open Data Incubator for Europe (ODINE) provides an accelerator program for Small and Medium Entrepreneurs (SMEs) and startups to establish business in open data related areas and helps European citizens to build sustainable businesses using open data. The incubator offers up to €100.000 and sets up an environment and EU-wide network, including business angels, VCs and funding agencies, to support SMEs and startups in creating commercial value from open data.

European Union has funded €8.7m through the Horizon 2020 research and innovation program for the 30-month Open Data Incubator for Europe (ODINE). More than 120 projects from across the globe applied for the 3rd round of the incubation program. This European incubator for open data businesses sent out its first call for applications in May 2015 and is altogether expected to hold eight calls until August 31 2016. Each of the proposals was assessed against the criteria of strength and novelty of the idea and the usage and/or creation of open data, the impact and the team and budget. The chosen businesses will receive up to €100k of EU grant funding each, after being selected for the program. The money can be spent e.g. on salaries, equipment, consumables and travels. Between 50 and 70 open data-focused businesses will be accepted to the incubator until its end. Beyond the grant funding, the chosen companies will have access to peer-networking, technology, datasets, mentorship, investors and media services during their six month incubation.

Open Data Climate Infrastructure in the Cities
Green City Solutions is a biotech and IoT startup leading the way in the business of air pollution reduction. The company has developed a freestanding solution, called “CityTree”, which features special moss cultures that naturally absorb the pollution that occurs in urban environments. Each unit has the effect of up to 275 traditionally planted city trees, yet they require less than 1 % of the space and no groundwork. The CityTrees have a reach of up to 50 m and thanks to IoT technology, solar power and water storage, they only need a few hours of maintenance each year.

The company was founded by Dénes Honus, Peter Sänger, Zhengliang Wu and Victor Splittgerber in March 2014. To ensure the profitability of the CityTree, implementation of visual and digital information on the vertical plant display for marketing campaigns is possible. Integrated benches and the offer of additional services, such as Wi-Fi hotspot or e-bike charging stations extend the functionality of the vertical plant filter.

Green City Solutions’ own developed IoT-Technology collects data of the climatic conditions which can also be expanded to data of air quality in the cities. Thus they have the opportunity to monitor the efficiency of the CityTree in different environments and analyze and establish correlations to other external factors gathered by using pre-existing open date sets. The data sets will be used to observe, analyze and establish possible correlations of air pollution to extreme climatic conditions and locations. In the next step it is possible to conduct a particle flow simulation to calculate the filter and adaptation potential of the CityTree, and visualize the effect of every single CityTree on its surroundings with a web application.

Zhengliang Wu, the CIO and Co-founder of Green City Solutions, commented:
“We are very grateful and delighted to be one of the chosen applicants and to have such a great support now. We are very happy that the judges recognized the value of our product.”

Green City Solutions is an award winning company, which in October 2014 was already declared as one of the four best cleantech start-ups in Europe by the EU organization Climate-KIC. In September 2015 Green City Solutions has been chosen as one of eight startup companies from across the globe to participate in the first Infiniti Accelerator driven by Nest. In addition, at the IoT World Forum’s Innovation Grand Challenge in Dubai the German start-up was honored as one of the best three Internet-of-Things companies in the world. Green City Solutions was also declared as the winner of the European Youth Award’s category “Go Green” and the category “IoT” at the Bitkom hub conference.

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