OP to launch DriveNow car sharing in Finland

OP Financial Group introduces DriveNow service on 24 May, already available in many European metropolises

DriveNow makes available 150 BMW and MINI in Helsinki and neighbouring areas at a minute-based fee. Registration for the service is free until 11 June.

“Mobility is one of OP’s growing business divisions. Our first mobility service was OP Kulku, offering electric cars as a service. Now we want to respond to people’s need to use a car flexibly whenever they need one. Car sharing is increasing fast around the world, and we believe it will become popular in Finland too as the supply increases,” says Member of the Executive Board Harri Nummela, member of OP Financial Group Executive Board, in charge of new business.

OP operates in Helsinki as DriveNow’s franchising partner.

“Helsinki supplements our Nordic network excellently. Finns are quick to start using new services, and there is demand in Finland for smart mobility, which is why we believe car sharing will be popular in Helsinki. OP is an excellent partner for us especially owing to its customer-oriented approach and strategy that looks boldly into the future,” says DriveNow’s Managing Director Nico Gabriel.

Car sharing reduces traffic jams and parking problems

“Almost everyone has need for a car occasionally. A DriveNow car that can be rented for a short time is an excellent option, and can easily be combined with public transport or city cycling. Car sharing is also positive on a wider social plane, because it reduces traffic jams and makes parking easier. Car sharing also increases the use of public transport,” says Sonja Heikkilä, program director for OP’s mobility services.

Nearest car found with an application, charging by the minute

DriveNow cars are available as of 24 May in a defined business area containing many parts of Helsinki; in Leppävaara and Otaniemi in Espoo; and at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

The DriveNow mobile application will tell users where the nearest available car is located. A car can also be reserved with an application, and the door can be opened either with the application or a customer card. The charge is 57 cents a minute. This includes parking, insurance and fuel costs. The cars are available around the clock, every day of the year, and can be left at any designated parking area downtown and elsewhere in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. In Helsinki, for example, you can use any residential parking spaces, and in Espoo in parking areas designated for shared cars.

Registration is free until 11 June, and anyone registered by the deadline will get free 20 minutes of driving. From 12 June onwards, registration costs 30 euros with no fixed costs: users only pay a minute-based fee. Registration takes place on the DriveNow website www.drive-now.fi.

DriveNow already operates in 11 European cities, such as Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Milan and Stockholm. Any DriveNow customer card and application registered in Finland can later this year also be used in any other city where DriveNow operates.

All DriveNow cars are new BMW and MINI: small BMW 1 series cars and Minis, and more spacious models such as BMW X1 or BMW 3 station wagon. A fully electric BMW i3 is also available. The cars are white and easy to identify because of the logos of both DriveNow and OP’s mobility services.

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Source DriveNow GmbH & Co. KG

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