Noiseless Acoustics Develops an Acoustic Camera that Makes Sound Visible

Noiseless Acoustics is developing a system that uses soundto identify problems in electricity networks and high pressure gas systems.
The hand-held system can detect, identify and pinpoint failing components from several meters away, and show it to the operator in a very user-friendly way on a live video screen. The system can also be used to examine airtightness, among other things.

Gas leaks are currently mainly detected using methods that give no information on where a leak is located, or that require close proximity to the leak. If an electricity grid component fails, the electricity network can shut down, causing extra service costs and costs related to downtime and possible collateral damage. Noiseless Acoustics acoustic camera enables surveying a large area, from a distance, with in depth analysis of the acoustic signal. The method mostly allows for the industrial processes to run as usual, without interruptions.

For initial introduction the most relevant market segments are both electricity transmission and gas system companies and service companies providing maintenance services for these. The idea of measuring and visualizing sound is a very new and novel way of detecting problems in both of these fields.

Noiseless Acoustics is currently researching applications for the camera in high voltage systems together with Fingrid, the national grid operator in Finland.

Noiseless Acoustics was one of the winners in Fingrid’s open idea competition

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